Don Henley “Desperado” Live on the Howard Stern Show

Don Henley “Desperado” Live on the Howard Stern Show | Society Of Rock Videos

Youtube / The Howard Stern Show

Gotta Love Howard

Leave it to Howard Stern to ask uncomfortable questions! He had legend Don Henley on his show years back and really took a deep dive on everything.


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“Desperado” by The Eagles is a poignant ballad that explores themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and the longing for freedom. The song tells the story of a person who is trapped in their own emotional fortress, known as a desperado. It delves into the struggles of someone who builds walls to protect themselves from the pain of love, yet yearns for connection and intimacy.

The lyrics paint a picture of a wounded soul who is haunted by their past, unable to fully open up and trust others. The desperado is portrayed as a tragic figure, bound by their own self-imposed isolation. The song serves as a reminder of the vulnerability and complexity of human emotions, urging the desperado to let go of their fears and embrace the possibility of love.

“Desperado” resonates with listeners through its heartfelt melodies and profound lyrics, touching on universal feelings of longing and the desire for authentic connection. It has become an enduring classic, cherished for its emotional depth and the timeless themes it explores.

The Moment Stern Asks Henley About Desperado:

He asks why Henley didn’t like the vocals and he responds. It’s the very first part of this video:

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