Chris Robinson Shares 2 Of The Scariest Black Crowes Concerts

Chris Robinson Shares 2 Of The Scariest Black Crowes Concerts | Society Of Rock Videos

via The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

Chris Robinson shares memories of two turbulent Black Crowes concerts that left a lasting impression on him.

In 1991, amidst the backdrop of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, the Black Crowes found themselves performing at the Monsters of Rock concert in Moscow alongside renowned acts like Metallica and AC/DC. Robinson vividly recalls the tension in the air, with a pervasive military presence and a crowd estimated at a staggering million people. He describes the chaotic scenes of riot police forcefully segregating the crowd, even resorting to physical violence. Robinson himself became a victim when he was unexpectedly kicked by a guard while attempting to find a secluded spot backstage.

Five years later, the band encountered another unsettling situation while performing in Chile, opening for Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. This time, the country was grappling with the latter stages of military dictator Augusto Pinochet’s rule. Robinson remembers the surreal atmosphere of the concert, where the entire country seemed to be in attendance, embracing rock music for the first time. However, the mood turned uncomfortable when a high-ranking military official requested a photo with the band, playfully brandishing his gun as if to simulate killing Robinson.

Later during the concert, chaos erupted as gates were opened to admit fans, only to be abruptly closed again by mounted police. Robinson recounts the distressing sight of officers on horseback indiscriminately lashing out at the crowd with long canes, creating a scene of brutality that he describes as one of the most violent he has ever witnessed.

These experiences serve as poignant reminders of the tumultuous nature of live performances and the unexpected challenges that artists like the Black Crowes can encounter on stage.

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