Brian May Reveals His Favorite Queen Album

Brian May Reveals His Favorite Queen Album | Society Of Rock Videos

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Brian May talked about his favorite Queen album during a recent interview on How Do You Cope? podcast. The guitarist also shared how he dealt with Freddie Mercury‘s and his father’s passing both in the same year of 1991.

May reveals that he likes to be open with the public about his own personal issues saying:

“If I’m having a problem in life, I think it’s nice to share it with the world because then it stops other people feeling that they’re alone if they’re having a similar problem, so I do like to be transparent.”

Later on the podcast, May discuss Mercury’s death and his experience putting together the band’s final album, Made in Heaven, which was released in 1995. He said:

“It was very weird. It was traumatizing in itself. I spent hours and days and weeks working on little bits of Freddie’s vocals. Listening to Freddie the whole day and the whole night. I’d have moments thinking, ‘This is great…this sounds great Fre… Oh, you’re not here.

“It was quite difficult. You’d have to go away from it sometimes and recover and come back. But I felt this immense pride and joy in squeezing the last drops out of what Freddie left us.”

However, despite the struggles in putting up the album while grieving for the singer, May added:

“I still love that album. I think it’s my favorite Queen album. There are things in there that are so deep. There’s pure gold in there.”

Following the album’s release, May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor decided to distance themselves from the band. May explained:

“I think Roger and I both went through a kind of normal grieving process, but accentuated by the fact it has to be public. We sort of went into denial. Like, ‘Yeah well, we did Queen, but we do something else now.’

“Roger and I plunged into our solo work and didn’t want to talk about Queen. That seems almost nonsensical because we spent half of our lives constructing Queen. But we didn’t want to know at that time. It was a grieving thing. We just overcompensated. It went on for a long time.”

You can listen to the full podcast here.


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