Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson- A Comparison Between The 2

Bon Scott vs Brian Johnson- A Comparison Between The 2 | Society Of Rock Videos

The Original Or Replacement AC/DC Lead Vocalist?

AC/DC is no doubt one of the best rock bands of all time. But sometimes among hardcore fans, there are 2 groups. One loves the Bon Scott days and will never see Brian Johnson as the true voice behind the band, and the other stick with Johnson and consider him the official vocalist and prefer his screechy style of aggressive rock vocals.

Bon Scott has a more clean, almost nasally 70’s rock sound and is a bit more towards his natural tone.

Brian John has a more scream-party-hard-rock-yeah-baby-screech style where he takes his voice up a notch and almost sounds like a completely different person from his regular voice.

Here in this clip, you can compare the two between various songs and hear the difference in pitch, tone, energy, and style. The question is, who do you prefer? We honestly love both. It don’t matter!

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