Bob Dylan’s Legal Team Wants To Fine Lawyers That Filed Sex Abuse Case

Bob Dylan’s Legal Team Wants To Fine Lawyers That Filed Sex Abuse Case | Society Of Rock Videos

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The legal team representing Bob Dylan slammed the other party by claiming that they filed the “heinous” allegations to extract a settlement payment.

In line with this, Dylan’s legal team have demanded tens of thousands of dollars in fines against the attorneys who unsuccessfully accused the 81-year-old musician of sexually abusing a minor during Dylan’s career peak in 1965. Following the investigation, historians pointed out that it wasn’t convincing.

Last summer, the unnamed accuser quietly dropped the case after Dylan’s lawyers accused her of destroying key evidence. And then last Monday, Dylan’s attorneys pledged to pursue penalties against the lawyers who filed the suit. Aside for repayment of his legal bills with an undetermined figure that could equate to tens of thousands more, they demanded to get a $50,000 fine.

Dylan’s camp said that those attorneys who did so, Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason, should not be permitted to get away scot-free. Orin Snyder, Dylan’s lead counsel wrote:

“The inescapable conclusion is that Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason never intended to actually litigate this action.

“Instead, they filed the complaint knowing it would generate worldwide media coverage, which it did, and then spent months trying to leverage that publicity and the threat of embarrassment to extract a settlement payment.”

In 2021 a case against Dylan was filed claiming that he had abused the accuser multiple times at Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel in April and May 1965. She claimed that he gave her drugs and alcohol and “exploited” his status to “sexually molest her.” However, rock historians and experts doubted the allegations. Dylan’s camp claimed that he was away from New York City on a European tour during most of the time.

In July, accuser allegedly deleted crucial emails and texts that might denounce her and because of that she dropped her case at a hearing on the 28th of the same month. This could have been easily avoided if her lawyers “complied with their most basic obligations, including Counsel filed the Complaint even though the most rudimentary investigation would have revealed the claims to be false.”

Instead, they “engaged in a pattern of deliberate discovery misconduct and violations of this Court’s rules and orders,” Dylan’s lawyers wrote. The accuser’s lawyers defended that by saying “brought in good faith and with the intent of responsibility litigating the matter” and blamed the problems on the “recalcitrance” of his client. But it seems that Dylan’s team was not convinced about it. They said:

“Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason are directly responsible for this pattern of serious discovery misconduct, and any effort to blame their client should be rejected.”

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