Billy Squier’s 1981 “Lonely Is Night” Solo Will Blow You Out Of The WATER!

Billy Squier’s 1981 “Lonely Is Night” Solo Will Blow You Out Of The WATER! | Society Of Rock Videos

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Indifferent Silence

Performing hit “Lonely Is The Night” at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1981, Billy Squier bares all on stage with killer guitar work, sweet, rockin’ vocals and legendary energy as he proceeds to melt each and every face in the crowd. As one of the most underrated guitar players of the 80’s, we have to give it to Billy in this performance as his solos pretty much blew our minds.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of an indifference toward solitude, as they question the point of stardom and fame and the challenges that it can bring. Apparently, Billy was not much for writing on the road, which eliminated exterior inspirations that rockers commonly would add to their lyrics like groupies and partying.

Interesting Quote: “‘Lonely Is The Night’ for example is nothing to do with the fact that I’m in a rock band, but it does have to do with the fact that you can be by yourself in a room somewhere and not know what to do, be scared to death of having to go out and find something.” – Billy Squier

Although the 80’s had a reputation for pop songs, there were still some great rock artists like Billy that brought the genre life with talent, a voice and a story. Enjoy this awesome live performance of Billy Squier in his prime!

+ Lonely Is The Night Lyrics +

Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone
Your demons come to light and your mind is not your own
Lonely is the night when there’s no one left to call
You feel the time is right–(say) the writin’s on the wall

It’s a high time to fight when the walls are closin’ in
Call it what you like–it’s time you got to win
Lonely, lonely, lonely–your spirit’s sinkin’ down
You find you’re not the only stranger in this town

Red lights, green lights, stop ‘n go, drive
Headlines, deadlines jamming your mind
You been stealing shots from the side
Let your feelings go for a ride

There’s danger out tonight..the man is on the prowl
Get the dynamite…the boys are set to prowl
Lonely is the night when you hear the voices call
Are you ready for thefight–do you want to take it all

Slowdown, showdown–waiting on line
Showtime, no time changing your mind
Streets are ringing, march to the sound
Let your secrets follow you down

Somebody’s watchin’ you baby–so much you can do
Nobody’s stoppin’ you baby, from makin’ it too
One glimpse’ll show you now baby, what the music can do
One kiss’ll show you now baby–it can happen to you

No more sleeping, wasting our time
Midnight creeping’s first on our minds
No more lazing ’round the tv
You’ll go crazy–come out with me


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