“Hotel California” Vs. “Heart Of Gold” – Who Wins?

“Hotel California” Vs. “Heart Of Gold” – Who Wins? | Society Of Rock Videos

The Eagles Vs. Neil Young – Who Wins?

What makes a great acoustic song? I mean sure, any song can be an acoustic song, but what is it that makes certain pieces stand out and stand the test of time more than others? Is it the song’s ability to take you back to a place you’ve never been with just a simple chord progression and dreamy lyrics, or is it the song’s ability to take you back to a certain feeling with a well placed melody?

In the case of songs like the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ and Neil Young’s ‘Heart Of Gold’, it’s both! These American classics were written by people who knew how to spin a tale and set it to music, all the while bringing up all kinds of emotions within you that you never knew existed.

‘Hotel California’ is described as the Eagles’ take on the “high life in Los Angeles,” a lazy cruise through excess as seen through the eyes of a weary traveler. It reminds you of cruising down the freeway at sunset, alone with just your thoughts and the warm California night air.

‘Heart Of Gold’ is a little more wholesome, with Young’s harmonica playing a sad but sweet melody as he narrates the loneliness of searching for a “heart of gold”. The song, which features James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, is one of a series of soft acoustic pieces which were written partly as a result of a back injury.

Oh, who are we kidding? With songs this good, it’s impossible to choose one over the other!


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