B.B. King – “Hummingbird” Live

B.B. King – “Hummingbird” Live | Society Of Rock Videos

Legendary Music From An Iconic Blues Musician

This is why he is THE King. When he begins playing his guitar, he puts his soul into it which leaves the audience speechless and mesmerized. Even as I watch this video at home, it gives me the chills — just imagine how you’d feel if you were there listening live. It’s not just his powerful vocals or guitar skills — it’s the entire package. From the sweet tone to his note selection and distinct vibrato — it’s remarkable!

Before settling on his favorite guitar, he has tried almost everything.

“Fenders, Gretsches, Silvertones—you name them, I’ve probably had one,” says King. “When I found that Gibson with the long neck, that did it. That’s like finding your wife forever…I set my guitar according to how it sounds. I never look down to see what I’m doing.”

He’s also quite known for his butterfly vibrato style which can help in sustaining notes. This is in addition to his amazing string bends.

“I think that the best thing I’ve done is learning to trill in such a way that I create a sound similar to that produced by a person using a bottleneck,” says King. “Trying to get that effect is what started me working on my vibrato, which is kind of like a steady pulse, pushing the string up and letting it go without losing control of it. I try my best to make my left hand trill evenly without any effort. Of course, a great deal of practice is necessary before the hand attains the dexterity required to move smoothly enough to get that vibrato. I want to make it just like my heartbeat, something I don’t have to think about at all.”

Another thing that makes every B.B. King concert unforgettable is his stage presence. When you see him standing on the stage, you’ll know it’s going to be an epic performance!



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