At 68, Dee Snider Opens Up About Aging in Rock n’ Roll

At 68, Dee Snider Opens Up About Aging in Rock n’ Roll | Society Of Rock Videos

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KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, and the Scorpions were specifically mentioned or alluded to by Dee Snider in a recent statement on his dislike of rock musicians who continue to play after embarking on a farewell tour.

He responded to a question from Rock City Music Company during a live Q&A session. After the artist, novelist, and Twisted Sister frontman shared his views on aging in rock, Snider responded with no bars barred. The 68-year-old said he would sooner cease performing than perform poorly in his latter years.

When questioned about bands that continue performing long after their prime, Snider clarifies:

“I didn’t lose the passion for the music.”

He emphasizes:

“I didn’t lose that at all.”

He goes on to highlight the strength of his recent solo albums, Leave a Scar (2021) and For the Love of Metal (2020).

Nevertheless, the renowned figure from Twisted Sister admits that he no longer feels comfortable aging visibly while performing on stage. He explains:

“I’ve reached a point where I’m not willing to visibly age while in the spotlight.”

Snider added:

“I don’t want you guys to watch me age out.
“I read a review once that said — and it was a positive review about the Twisted reunion. … But it said when a band reunites and is good, it makes you feel young again. But when they’re bad, it makes you realize how old you have gotten.”

Snider further explained:

“When people come to see me or Twisted Sister, they leave with smiles.”

Despite not being one to complain, he mentioned his various surgeries and physical limitations, such as knee, shoulder, throat, and neck surgeries. These have affected his ability to move and perform comfortably. He expressed his desire to exit the stage gracefully, leaving a positive memory for his fans, rather than overstaying his welcome and leaving a less favorable impression.

Watch the video below.

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