Ann Wilson Releases New Single “Greed” From Upcoming Album

Ann Wilson Releases New Single “Greed” From Upcoming Album | Society Of Rock Videos

via Ann Wilson of Heart / Youtube

Heart’s Ann Wilson has released a new single, “Greed,” included on her upcoming solo album, Fierce Bliss.


Wilson said in a press release:

“‘Greed’ is that thing in our animal nature that makes us want more. Whether it be money, sex, power or ecstasy, it fires our craving! It happens with all of us. When you turn around and catch yourself making decisions because you want the money, or because you’re caught in the headlights of glory, well, those are greedy moments.”

“I think people who claim to have made every decision from a root of pure idealism and never done anything dark or greedy is lying. I think everybody who ventures into especially the music industry hoping for a career with big success, ends up making these Faustian bargains at some point even if only briefly. It’s an aggressive song, and I think I write best when I’m angry.”

Fierce Bliss will be out on April 29 featuring the cover artwork by Roger Dean, best known for his work on classic Yes album covers. Some songs included on the LP are Wilson’s covers of Queen’s “Love of My Life” and Jeff Buckley’s “Forget Her,” which she has been performing live in the recent months. Vince Gill, now a touring member of Eagles, and Warren Haynes of Gov’t Mule makes guest appearances on the record as well.

Wilson added in the statement:

“I had originally intended to go in, record a few songs and see what I had, but it just took on this life. I’d known Warren Haynes from Gov’t Mule for a while. We’d written a couple songs together with Gov’t Mule playing, and those rounded out the record. So all of a sudden, where there was no record before, suddenly I had 11 cool songs that I really liked.”

“I think that for someone who’s been through as much as I have, and has lived to tell the tales, it’s OK to share my experiences. I’ve heard from a lot of younger musicians and listeners, too, who have thanked me for staying around and for just keeping upright, just making it through, making the concessions once but not twice, and being able to live through it all with dignity.”

Ann Wilson, ‘Fierce Bliss’ Track Listing
1. “Greed”
2. “Black Wing”
3. “Bridge of Sighs”
4. “Fighten for Life”
5. “Love of My Life” (feat. Vince Gill)
6. “Missionary Man”
7. “Gladiator”
8. “Forget Her”
9. “A Moment in Heaven”
10. “Angel’s Blues”*
11. “As the World Turns”

*Available on CD and digital formats only

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