Album Review: “Marquee Moon” By Television

Album Review: “Marquee Moon” By Television | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ahead Of Their Time

Though they’ve only had three studio albums, Television burst into the rock scene with the musical masterpiece “Marquee Moon.” It’s innovative, sophisticated, and ground-breaking. It helped lay down the foundation for alternative rock. And the guitar takes center stage especially with the beautiful layered interplays between axeslingers Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. The 1970s witnessed the birth of various subgenres and for Television to rise above the noise with their debut LP, it only meant they were far from your average rock act.

“Marquee Moon” has no bad song and it served as some sort of sneak peek into the future of rock. If it was released two decades later, it would still upstage the best records of the ’90s. That’s how way ahead of their time Television was. It sounds fresh every single time – the more you play it, the more you discover something new and thrilling.

It’s complex and ambitious. Television wasn’t as popular as their contemporaries but they were trailblazers. While they never made anything close to the caliber of “Marquee Moon” again, they have influenced countless other musicians. From the get-go, the LP isn’t accessible. At first listen, it might even seem weird or too long. But given a chance, it will soon show its greatness and what made it stand out in a decade full of spectacular records.

“See No Evil” immediately showcased the impeccable guitar work by Verlaine and Lloyd, wonderfully complemented by Billy Ficca’s drumming. It’s a good way to kick off the LP. “Venus” has a new wave flavor to it. “Friction” starts with a bit of psychedelia and even the drum fills are quite tasteful. The title track is undoubtedly the star of the LP. Clocking in at almost ten minutes, the guitar interplay is stunning and jaw-dropping. It’s funky but soulful.

“Elevation” is a fun punk number. “Guiding Light” is an absolute gem. It’s hypnotic and there’s something almost otherworldly about it. The soaring guitar work is a big plus. “Prove It” is beautiful in its own way. The drumming is on point. “Torn Curtain” is slow and compelling. That intro alone is hands-down impressive.

The impact and influence of “Marquee Moon” cannot be stated enough. They set the blueprint for alternative rock bands to follow. And over four decades after its release, it remains untouchable.

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