AC/DC’s First Singer Dave Evans Picks Himself As The Best Frontman of AC/DC

AC/DC’s First Singer Dave Evans Picks Himself As The Best Frontman of AC/DC | Society Of Rock Videos

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In a recent interview, original vocalist and founding member of AC/DC, Dave Evans, shared his opinions on the band’s history of changing singers. Evans declared himself to be the “maestro,” but he also stressed how vital it is to respect every band period, no matter what one’s preferences may be.

Fronting AC/DC during its early years, Evans brought attention to his own and Bon Scott’s and Brian Johnson’s distinctive vocal approaches. Even though he felt he was the finest vocalist, he said it would be unfair to compare the three because each brought something different to the band’s sound.

Evans’ Stance on AC/DC Fandom

Addressing the fandom’s divided opinions, Evans urged fans to embrace the entirety of AC/DC’s legacy, including its founding members. He emphasized the significance of the original lineup and cautioned against favoritism towards specific vocalists.

True fans of AC/DC, in Evans’ opinion, should recognize the band’s growth and the crucial roles each vocalist has played. He emphasized his contribution to creating the foundation for later eras, saying that he might not have existed in the absence of Bon Scott and that Scott would not have existed in the absence of Brian Johnson.

The Departure of Dave Evans

Evans explained why he left AC/DC in 1974, mostly blaming financial disagreements. Recounting a tense confrontation with the band’s manager over unpaid earnings, Evans revealed that the disagreement led to his exit from the group.

His exit signaled a major change for AC/DC, opening the door for Bon Scott to take over as lead singer. Notwithstanding the difficulties he had while in AC/DC, Evans’ contributions to the band’s legacy are indispensable.

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