71-Year-Old Grandma Plugs In Son’s Guitar – What Happens Next Surprises EVERYONE

71-Year-Old Grandma Plugs In Son’s Guitar – What Happens Next Surprises EVERYONE | Society Of Rock Videos

Coolest Mother-In-Law Ever!

At 71, this lady is the kind of grandma that you can talk about guitar players and your favorite records with – chances are, her collection is way cooler than yours, and I can’t begin to imagine the cool stories she has! Filmed by her son-in-law, she’s hanging out in what looks like either his studio or a guitar shop and casually fingerpicking her way through The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ on a guitar.

She’s absolutely fantastic, and it’s clear that her love for the Beatles goes far beyond Beatlemania – judging by her playing, she sounds more like the type to be more excited by what George Harrison was playing than by what he was wearing!

Fact: Playing an instrument is good for you! Whether it’s improving heart health and lowering your stress level, or just helping you express your creativity, music is shown to have all kinds of amazing health benefits.

I love this impromptu performance because you can clearly see how much fun she’s having – you can tell that she does this for herself, and absolutely no one else. Her children and grandchildren are incredibly lucky to have someone who still lives her dream, even if it’s from the privacy of her home!

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