7 ’70s Children’s TV Programs That Are Better Than Today’s

7 ’70s Children’s TV Programs That Are Better Than Today’s | Society Of Rock Videos

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Growing up in the 1970s or raising kids during that era often meant spending time in front of the TV, engulfed in a world of unique and memorable children’s shows. Each program brought something special to the screen, fostering imagination and joy in young viewers. Let’s stroll down memory lane and revisit seven classic ’70s children’s TV programs that have left a lasting impression.

Mary Mungo and Midge

In the ’70s, Mary Mungo and Midge introduced children to a bustling city life from a child’s perspective. Mary, with her dog Midge and mouse Mungo, ventured through their high-rise neighborhood, turning everyday sights into grand adventures. This show cleverly mixed education with fun, presenting daily lessons amid the trio’s excursions. It was more than just entertainment; it was a gentle introduction to the complexities of city living, packaged in a way that was accessible to young minds.

Mr Benn

Mr. Benn, dressed in his unmistakable black suit and bowler hat, became a beloved figure among children for his magical escapades. Venturing into a costume shop, Mr. Benn’s adventures would begin the moment he tried on a new outfit, transporting him to lands far and wide. What made Mr. Benn special was its simplicity. The stories, rooted in the power of imagination, showed viewers that adventures could be found anywhere, with just a little creativity.

Teddy Edward

Teddy Edward captured hearts with the gentle explorations of a soft-spoken teddy bear and his group of friends. Their adventures, simple yet profound, revolved around the theme of friendship and finding beauty in the small moments of life. Teddy Edward and his friends demonstrated the importance of bonds and caring for one another, offering lessons that went beyond the surface of their delightful journeys.

The Clangers

The Clangers brought to life a unique family of creatures living in space, speaking in their whimsical whistles. This imaginative show created a universe so detailed and vibrant that it felt almost real, from the music trees to the soup wells. The Clangers emphasized creativity and the importance of curiosity about the world (or worlds) around us, engaging children’s minds in inventive ways.


Bagpuss presented stories of repair and rediscovery, with a saggy old cloth cat leading a group dedicated to fixing broken objects. Each episode was not only about mending what was damaged but also uncovering the history and stories behind each item. Bagpuss showed that everything has a story and value, teaching viewers to appreciate the past and the importance of restoration.

The Adventures of Black Beauty

The Adventures of Black Beauty brought Anna Sewell’s novel to the screen, capturing the essence of the bond between humans and animals. Through the adventures of Black Beauty and the Gordon family, the show imparted values of kindness, respect, and the deep connections we share with the natural world. It wasn’t just the thrilling escapades that captivated viewers, but the underlying messages of compassion and empathy.

The Adventures of Rupert Bear

The Adventures of Rupert Bear allowed viewers to join Rupert on his adventures in the enchanting Nutwood, where each day promised new discoveries and stories. This show blended magical elements with the everyday, igniting viewers’ imaginations and curiosity. Rupert Bear’s world, where the fantastic met the familiar, showed children the magic inherent in our world, waiting just beneath the surface of ordinary life.

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