5 Things We’d Rather Spend $1,500 On Than A Black Sabbath VIP Ticket!

5 Things We’d Rather Spend $1,500 On Than A Black Sabbath VIP Ticket! | Society Of Rock Videos

#5 – This Car…

Photo Credit: http://www.usedcarsgroup.com/used-2012-nissan-juke-fairfield-oh-jn8af5mr9ct113137

Now you could go and meet Ozzy Osbourne and try to decipher what exactly he’s saying. Or, you could be riding fresh in this brand new (used) vehicular device. $1,500 is a lot of friggin money. It’s still hard to imagine buy a VIP ticket for that kind of event. And as far as the car goes, you can make payments! You can’t do that with a VIP ticket. My question is, what car dealership in the world let’s you make payments for as low as $21.51/mo.? Either that’s a bargain, or the car has had some major problems…

#4 – 3,000 Tacos From Jack In The Box!

Photo Credit: www.nydailynews.com

A taco from Jack In The Box is about $.50 or 2 tacos from JITB is $.99, I think. I really should know this, I mean I’m addicted to them. They’re pretty good! DON’T HATE! Anyway. With a VIP ticket from Black Sabbath costing $1,500 it seems more charitable to go and buy a bunch of tacos and feed the homeless, no? Look, I’m trying my best to make something interesting to read here. I know this article isn’t very beneficial from an information standpoint, but you know, just trying to make the most of my time. Nevertheless, 3,000 tacos from Jack In The Box. They’re good. Just share amongst the hungry, because we both know you ain’t eating those in your life time.

#3 – Xbox One w/ 25 Games

Photo Credit: www.gamespot.com

Now this one’s a bit of a stretch because it’s almost safe to guess that you don’t play video games like all these young whipper snappers do nowadays, but again this is just to show how outrageously expensive a VIP ticket to a Black Sabbath concert really is. And again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you would RATHER buy these games than the ticket. An Xbox One plus 25 games costs about $1,400 give or take a few dollars. That’s STILL less expensive than a VIP ticket. So if you’re young like me and enjoy the occasional first person shooter, than you’ll most likely be itching more towards the video game catalog, but if you’re more towards the music side of things, then buy the ticket I guess…

#2 – 42 Black Sabbath Tickets

Photo Credit: www.dreamstime.com


Yep, you heard it right! 42 regular Black Sabbath tickets. Now a disclaimer, the Black Sabbath tickets I’m referring to are the cheap seats, and those tickets are about $35 and change. So again, maybe this isn’t something you’d rather buy, after all, why buy a ticket for you and 41 other people in the cheap seats with a terrible view or one for yourself with an amazing view where you also get to meet the band. I mean I guess you wouldn’t have anyone to go with unless he/she bought his/her own ticket, but still, it does ultimately make for a much better experience. But anyway, the #1 thing you could buy instead of a Black Sabbath VIP ticket is…

#1 – 14k White Gold Matching Trio Wedding Bands

Photo Credit: www.sarraf.com

Now let’s pretend you are at the ultimate crossroads. You have $1,500 and you have to make the ultimate life-changing decision. You can either propose to the love of your life, or you can buy a VIP ticket for one Black Sabbath concert. The decision is pretty simple. (Unless the girl is crazy and is plotting to take everything from you) You pick lifelong happiness. You pick the one the one thing that will guarantee joy. You’d pick what ultimately seems very logical in the eyes of society. You pick the one thing that your family will be proud of and will give you prosperous endeavors… You pick the VIP tickets.

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