5 Songs From Led Zeppelin To Represent The Immortality Of Rock n’ Roll

5 Songs From Led Zeppelin To Represent The Immortality Of Rock n’ Roll | Society Of Rock Videos

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Led Zeppelin is one of the rock titans that emerged from the ’70s. The decade is dubbed as the golden era of the genre because there’s no shortage of classic songs and albums. And Led Zeppelin churned out one epic track after another that solidified their rockstar status. However, though critics were unimpressed with them, they still brought their A game every single time.

Aside from their epic studio albums, Led Zeppelin gained reputation for being spectacular live acts – each member showed virtuosity during their concerts and fans just couldn’t get enough. From Robert Plant’s howls and shrieks and Jimmy Page’s mad axeslinging skills to John Paul Jones’ basslines and John Bonham’s ferocious drumming – they knew how to stand out almost effortlessly.

Decades later, their songs remain staples in classic rock radio stations. Here are five of their timeless tracks:

5. Kashmir

This was a staple in their live repertoire and it’s also one of Plant’s favorite Led Zeppelin tunes. He wrote the lyrics while driving through the Sahara Desert which is why it was originally titled “Driving to Kashmir.” It clocks in at over eight minutes but there’s not one boring or weak moment. Plant told Dan Rather in a 2018 interview, “It was a great achievement to take such a monstrously dramatic musical piece and find a lyric that was ambiguous enough, and a delivery that was not over-pumped. It was almost the antithesis of the music, this lyric and this vocal delivery that was just about enough to get in there.”

4. Whole Lotta Love

Speaking of rock ‘n roll immortality, “Whole Lotta Love” has undoubtedly stood the test of time. It’s the opening track to their second studio album and it packs a lot of punch – still does today. It may have been released over fifty years ago but it doesn’t sound dated. That guitar riff alone is superb and overall, it’s a brilliant piece of music.

3. Black Dog

Led Zeppelin had a stunning debut and they only got better with each album. “Black Dog” became a fan favorite especially since it’s one of their most easily recognizable songs. Musically, it’s complex and not easy to play which says a lot about the band’s virtuosity and musicianship. Not everyone can pull it off but that didn’t stop several other groups from covering it.

2. Stairway to Heaven

For the record, this is not overrated. It’s simply overplayed but truth be told, the song deserves the hype even after all these years. It’s epic – in the truest sense of the word. Even without the plagiarism case that in its own way boosted its popularity once more, “Stairway to Heaven” will always be one of those tracks whose greatness doesn’t diminish over time.

1. Achilles Last Stand

Few musicians can make music of this caliber. And that’s the thing about Led Zeppelin – they have their own identity as a rock act but their musical works aren’t formulaic. There’s always something that adds more depth to the track. “Achilles Last Stand” is one of their longest and most complex recordings – it took them over two weeks to work on it.

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