3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Rumours” By Fleetwood Mac

3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Rumours” By Fleetwood Mac | Society Of Rock Videos

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Even without social media or the internet, almost everyone heard or knew about the drama behind Fleetwood Mac’s eleventh studio LP, “Rumours.” The band members themselves hardly kept their relationship troubles secret but even while most of them were involve in feuds one way or the other, they somehow rose above it all and churned out what can only be described as a landmark album. They channeled their anger, frustration, and hatred into the creation of musical gems and over four decades later, “Rumours” remains untouchable.

It represented an era, a generation. Sure, it had its weak moments and some faults too but even those don’t discount its brilliance. So here are three albums to listen to if you enjoyed “Rumours.”

3. Supertramp – “Breakfast in America” (1979)

Supertramp’s sixth studio album gave them two Grammy Awards. It’s often cited as the band’s last great album and well, we’re not here for the debate. The songwriting and musicianship are hands-down amazing. It’s not flawless but even those tracks people consider as fillers are still fun to listen to.

2. Paul McCartney & Wings – “Band on the Run” (1973)

This is widely considered as Paul McCartney’s strongest studio effort post-Beatles. At this point in his career, McCartney didn’t have anything to prove anymore because the world already knew he’s a massively talented musician and a prolific songwriter at that. But no, he had to go all out for “Band on the Run” and it’s brilliant and unpretentious. There are rockers and soft numbers – but all tracks showcased McCartney’s genius and penchant for perfection.

1. Elton John – “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (1973)

It’s Elton John’s magnum opus – a landmark achievement that propelled him to another stratosphere of stardom. Is it a tad too extra and flashy? Of course, it’s Elton John. He doesn’t do anything half-assed. From the tracks to the cover art, everything is iconic. It’s highly ambitious but John delivered. GYBR is accessible and a classic through and through. It holds up well even after all these years.

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