13 Year Old Guitar Hero Shreds Olympics Closing Ceremony – The Next Derek Trucks?

13 Year Old Guitar Hero Shreds Olympics Closing Ceremony – The Next Derek Trucks? | Society Of Rock Videos

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Teen Steals Spotlight At Olympics Closing Ceremony

The 2018 Winter Olympics came to an end last night, but no one’s actually talking about sports today. The name on everyone’s lips this morning is Yang Tae-Hwan, the teen prodigy who came to slay the Olympics Closing Ceremony and walked offstage as the internet’s new hero.

Discovered on popular variety show Star King, it’s not even Yang Tae-Hwan’s talent in and of itself that’s blowing people’s minds; it’s the fact that he’s only 13 years old and already performing and playing like a seasoned veteran. Which makes sense – he’s been playing since he was a small child and even released an album in 2015 at the age of 10.

The Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony was stacked in terms of performers tapped to close out the sporting event of the year; K-Pop acts CL and EXO, a fleet of drones, highly skilled loop dancers and Geomungo players – but Yang Tae-Hwan’s shredtastic take on Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” eclipsed them all in spades, prompting Twitter to lose its mind, going so far as to call him a hero and predict his spot in music history as “the next Derek Trucks”:

That’s not all Yang Tae-Hwan can do, though. As Twitter freaked out over the glasses wearing kid rocking a turtleneck and leather jacket on the biggest stage in the world last night, some came across his YouTube channel, managed and operated by his younger sister. He’s been one hell of a little guitar player since he was old enough to even hold a guitar, and if you thought he rocked last night just playing a classical piece, wait til you get a load of what he can do with classic rock tunes like “Sultans of Swing”.

One Twitter user may have already predicted Yang Tae-Hwan’s future, though. Keep an eye out for this talented young man, especially after the spectacle that was last night’s performance – he may just be the next generation’s Derek Trucks, after all.


Check out Yang Tae-Hwan’s full performance here!


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