10 Ways You’ll Fall In Love With A Classic Rock Fan

10 Ways You’ll Fall In Love With A Classic Rock Fan | Society Of Rock Videos

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Ah, Romance

Classic rock fans are often misunderstood by others. Rock isn’t just a music choice but to them, it’s a lifestyle. Some may think they’re hard to get along with but that’s so far from the truth. They’re mostly easy-going, happy-go-lucky people who just want to plug in their favorite song and have the entire neighborhood listen to it. LOL.

Besides, it’s easy to fall in love with them too. Here are the reasons why:

10. Finding them gifts is easy.


You don’t need to break the bank just to please them. From vinyl records to band shirts, there’s a wide array of items you can choose from!

9. Conversations are never boring.


You want to talk why Paul McCartney left The Beatles? Or the actual reason why Axl Rose had a beef with Slash? Not only will they listen to you closely but will even provide details you missed. You could spend a whole day talking whether Sammy Hagar or Diamond Dave is the better Van Halen frontman.

8. They don’t mind listening to music for hours.


Besides, it’s what they like to do too!

7. They won’t tell you to lower down the volume.


Want to play Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden? Go ahead and put it on max!

6. They get excited over the smallest things.


You might get the following text message in the middle of your meeting – “OMG!! PAUL MCCARTNEY JUST RELEASED HIS NEW RECORD!!!”

5. They make great road trip buddies.


Not only will they prepare a kickass playlist but you might end up doing an impromptu carpool karaoke too!

4. They understand that there are two sides to every story.


What happened between John Lennon and Macca? What started the fight between Noel and Liam Gallagher? So yes, they know how to withhold judgment until they get to hear both sides.

3. They’re fiercely loyal.


If things go downhill, you just know they’ll stick by you.

2. Dates are super fun.


From concerts to record shopping – there are so many things to do with a classic rock fan. You can even go to check out historical rock ‘n roll pieces.

1. Your only competition is their favorite artist.


The only other person they’ll look at would be a rockstar. We did tell you they’re loyal, right?

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