10 Rock Classics That Never Get Played Anymore

10 Rock Classics That Never Get Played Anymore | Society Of Rock Videos

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They’re Just As Good As The More Popular Songs

Classic rock, like every other genre in existence, either gets played more than enough or not anymore. You can’ blame radio stations though. Obviously, they will always lean towards mainstream tracks – those that have been proven to be fan favorites. Rarely do DJs go for deep cuts or underrated tunes.

But that’s not to say there aren’t other gems worthy of being on the airwaves. On the contrary, there are a ton of songs that deserve more love and appreciation. Check out the following:

10. Kensington Market – “I Would Be The One”

The band’s career was short-lived and they didn’t exactly achieve the success they hoped for but while their LPs were good enough, it didn’t manage to capture the magic of their live performances. And they were also one of the few groups at the time who developed their own style.

9. Southcote – “She”

“She” was actually a hit in Canada and even cracked the top 20 on the RPM Top Singles chart. When it was released in the US, it peaked at #80 but sadly, after all these years, this epic track has largely been forgotten.

8. Nino Tempo & April Stevens – “All Strung Out”

This brother and sister duo had a string of hits that made it to the Billboard charts and they even earned a Grammy Award for their cover of “Deep Purple”. And while “All Strung Out” is undoubtedly one of their greatest musical achievements, you rarely hear it on the radio anymore.

7. Buoys – “Timothy”

Don’t be fooled by the upbeat tune and seemingly jolly vibe because this song follows the story of three man trapped in a mine – two of whom ended up eating the third. So yes, it’s about cannibalism. Nevertheless, it cracked the top 20 but decades later, not every classic rock fan remembers its existence.

6. The Gants – “I Wonder”

It’ll give you The Beatles vibes!

5. The Raspberries – “It’s Cold Outside”

The Raspberries, despite their sheer brilliance, remains underrated to this day. This is the biggest hit by The Choir – the pre-Raspberries band with three of their members sans Eric Carmen. It’s one of the best examples of garage rock.

4. Chester – “Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter”

Chester was a one-hit wonder and this is the only song they had which became a Top 10 hit on the Canadian pop charts. They failed to replicate their success with the follow-up tracks but it became an instant classic in 1973.

3. Wishbone – “You’re Gonna Miss Me”

Another Canadian hit that doesn’t get any airplay anymore. This is a real enjoyable gem!

2. Teaze – “Sweet Misery”

So fun to listen to! Teaze deserved so much more.

1. The Icicle Works – “Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)”

Remember when music was so good it always gets to you? This is one of those.

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