10 Pictures Of Freddie Mercury’s Happiest Moments

10 Pictures Of Freddie Mercury’s Happiest Moments | Society Of Rock Videos

1. Look At This Happy Little Freddie

You’ve got to admit. Freddie was an adorable baby. Look at that smile! Just the beginnings of the greatest rock frontman in history.

2. Senor Frederico del Mercurio Having A Fiesta

Pretty sure Freddie could sing mariachi and kill it too if he wanted to!

3. Looks Like He Is The Champion…Of The World!

Looks like he always knew how to have a great time. Love that Flash shirt though. Where could I get one?

4. Look At Those Pearly Whites

Freddie a little happy during happy hour perhaps! Man that’s a big grill!

5. Nope, Wasn’t Me. He Did It

Freddie having a good time with Brian May. You know when you smell something funny, and then you go “…um..he did it!.”

6. Cats made him so happy!

Freddie had so many cats, they were his off-stage passion and it really shows!

7. Who needs a shirt when you have leather pants and a tie…?

The stage outfits he chose were so fashionable and inspiring for that time!

8. Here he is, as king of the pillows with fellow Queen members…

He looks like a real king here, ironically named “Queen” but he fits the throne well!

9. Sticking out his tongue like the goof he was!

Freddie had such a fun and goofy personality and this picture perfectly displays it.

10. Expressing his love for his cats once again!

Freddie had such a big heart for big cats, it was one our favorite things about him!

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