10 Best Songs from Jimmy Page After Led Zeppelin

10 Best Songs from Jimmy Page After Led Zeppelin | Society Of Rock Videos

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After Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page faced the challenge of creating music that matched the iconic group’s magic. Despite not reaching Zeppelin’s brilliance, Page’s post-Zeppelin songs are worth exploring.

Here are the top 10 songs that could change your perspective on Page’s musical journey.

10. ‘Radioactive’ – ‘The Firm’ (1985)

Teaming up with Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers in The Firm, Page delivered the catchy and undeniably poppy ‘Radioactive.’ While a departure from Zeppelin’s raw sound, it showcased that there was life after the legendary group for the guitar maestro.

9. ‘Easy Does It’ – ‘Coverdale and Page’ (1993)

Despite occasional comparisons to Led Zeppelin, ‘Easy Does It’ from the collaboration with David Coverdale brought a new and exciting dimension. The track, with its swirling and hypnotic vibe, demonstrated Page’s ability to evolve while still paying homage to his past.

8. ‘The Only One’ – ‘Outrider’ (1988)

A collaboration with former Led Zeppelin bandmate Robert Plant on ‘The Only One’ added an exciting and energetic dynamic to Page’s solo album. Amidst impressive guitar work, this track stood out with its lively collaboration.

7. ‘Someone to Love’ – ‘The Firm’ (1985)

Evidencing the chemistry between Page and Paul Rodgers, ‘Someone to Love’ is a joyously upbeat number featuring a fantastic guitar riff and complementing bass work. The track, when listened to alongside “Make or Break,” reveals the full effect of Page and Rodgers’ musical synergy.

6. ‘Blue Train’ – Page and Plant, ‘Walking Into Clarksdale’ (1998)

Reuniting for a studio album after an extensive tour, Page and Plant presented a more subdued and mature sound. ‘Blue Train,’ with its sultry and slow-burning quality, showcased Page’s extensive soloing and added a new layer to their collaborative work.

5. ‘Midnight Moonlight’ – ‘The Firm’ (1985)

Respecting Led Zeppelin’s legacy, Page incorporated the legendary unfinished track “Swan Song” into ‘Midnight Moonlight.’ From a gorgeous acoustic opening to a dramatic wall of distorted guitars, this track did justice to its heritage.

4. ‘Pride and Joy’ – ‘Coverdale and Page’ (1993)

While ‘Pride and Joy’ didn’t reinvent the wheel, it brought a familiar yet enjoyable metallic delta blues hybrid. Page and Coverdale’s charismatic collaboration made this track a fun and memorable addition to their partnership.

3. ‘The Truth Explodes’ (a.k.a. ‘Yallah’) – Page and Plant, ‘No Quarter’ (1994)

A track that named twice, “Yallah” and “The Truth Explodes,” showcased Page’s rough and fuzzy riffs alongside a mad scientist-like experimentation with effects. It stood out among the more gentle tracks on the live album, offering a burst of energy.

2. ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ – ‘The Firm’ (1985)

Breaking out his famous violin bow and soaring guitar orchestrations, Page’s collaboration with Paul Rodgers on ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ paid off. The familiarity, confidence, and new elements created a standout track on this list.

1. ‘Please Read the Letter’ – Page and Plant, ‘Walking Into Clarksdale’ (1998)

Closing the list with a powerful collaboration with Robert Plant, ‘Please Read the Letter’ captured the essence of regret and loss. Page’s guitar work, alongside Plant’s poignant lyrics, demonstrated the magic that still existed when these two reunited Zeppelin heroes joined forces.

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