10 Beatles Tracks That Didn’t Quite Rock the Way Fans Expected

10 Beatles Tracks That Didn’t Quite Rock the Way Fans Expected | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Beatles, a band that carved its name into the annals of music history, boasts a discography filled with timeless classics. Yet, among their masterpieces, there are a few tracks that may leave listeners scratching their heads. Let’s explore 10 Beatles songs that, for various reasons, didn’t quite align with the band’s usual brilliance.

‘The Long and Winding Road’ – Let It Be

The inclusion of this track has nothing to do with the song itself. Coming at the tail end of The Beatles’ final effort, ‘The Long and Winding Road’ is one of the best ballads that Paul McCartney ever wrote for the band, with a trace of melancholy added in for good measure. However, behind-the-scenes drama and production choices soured the experience.

‘You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)’ – B-side

‘You Know My Name’ sounds more like a demo than a finished song. Despite its development process, it comes across as unfunny and misplaced, especially as a B-side to their final single ‘Let It Be’.

‘Mr Moonlight’ – Beatles For Sale

An original by Dr Feelgood, ‘Mr Moonlight’ is a soulful number that doesn’t quite hit the mark. The midsection’s organ break may have been trendy at the time, but it sounds uninspired compared to other Beatles tracks.

‘All Together Now’ – Yellow Submarine

While ‘All Together Now’ understands the concept of children’s entertainment, it feels overly schmaltzy coming from Paul McCartney. The repetitive chorus might appeal to kids, but it lacks the structure found in other Beatles songs.

‘You Can’t Do That’ – A Hard Day’s Night

This song, towards the end of A Hard Day’s Night, reflects John Lennon’s possessive side. The groovy tune takes a dark turn as Lennon comes off as insecure and manipulative, making it a questionable addition to the album.

‘Another Girl’ – Help!

‘Another Girl’ from the Help! soundtrack has a malicious tone as McCartney talks about moving on to another girl in a way that feels like a warning to his old flame. The accompanying video has not aged well, adding to the discomfort.

‘Little Child’ – With The Beatles

‘Little Child’ on With The Beatles is considered one of their weakest tracks. Clocking in at just under two minutes, it feels like a filler track with hollow lyrics, showcasing a lack of depth compared to the band’s later works.

‘Wild Honey Pie’ – The White Album

‘Wild Honey Pie’ on The White Album is a jarring anomaly. Paul McCartney’s off-key vocal delivery and repetitive verses make it a questionable addition, especially considering the ambitious nature of the rest of the album.

‘Run For Your Life’ – Rubber Soul

‘Run For Your Life’ contradicts the mature theme of Rubber Soul with its threatening lyrics. Lennon’s portrayal of an abusive boyfriend feels out of place, undermining the artistic direction the album was taking.

‘Revolution 9’ – The White Album

‘Revolution 9’ is an avant-garde experiment on The White Album, created using random tape loops and sounds. While The Beatles were known for pushing boundaries, this track feels forced and out of place, disrupting the album’s flow.

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