The Second Skynyrd Introduced This Into Their Act, Bands Everywhere Began Taking Notes

The Second Skynyrd Introduced This Into Their Act, Bands Everywhere Began Taking Notes | Society Of Rock Videos

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3 Guitars Are Better Than One

One of the things we’ve always loved and admired in Lynyrd Skynyrd is their fearlessness when it comes to music and doing it their way. With a blend of some of the most talented musicians to ever draw breath and a creative spark that seems to know no bounds, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to fans and critics alike when Lynyrd Skynyrd scrapped the typical two guitarist formula and brought in a third guitarist, giving way to their signature three guitar attack.


Fun Fact: Gary Rossington is a Les Paul man.

It’s not even the act of bringing in a third guitar player itself that got everyone’s attention and made other bands start taking notes; it was the fact that where it would have been easy to just assign one lead and two rhythm guitar roles and call it a day, guitarists Allen Collins, Gary Rossington and Ed King challenged themselves and each other to retain their own sounds and techniques and find new and exciting ways to incorporate them into the music, giving way to three distinct guitar voices that comfortably fell together as if they’d been doing this all their lives.

More than four decades after their life changing decision to throw caution to the wind and completely eliminate the two guitar formula, Lynyrd Skynyrd still reigns supreme when it comes to using that three guitar attack; there’s no greater joy than watching Rickey Medlocke, Gary Rossington, and Sparky Matejka jump into formation night after night to continue their time honored tradition of rocking the masses, Southern rock style!

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