11 Classic Rock Record Gifts That’ll Make You The Cool Aunt Or Uncle

11 Classic Rock Record Gifts That’ll Make You The Cool Aunt Or Uncle | Society Of Rock Videos

Crank It Up

No matter what the occasion (birthdays or holidays), giving old school vinyl records will always be the perfect gift. That is, if your niece or nephew has the same cool music taste as you. If not, lead them away from trashy songs and give them something priceless: the discovery of classic rock.

P.S. You can pair these with portable records too!

1. The Beatles – “Revolver”

This, kids, is proof that classic rock isn’t just for “old people.” Great music transcends time. But of course, if you don’t want to go into any mushy speech or dedication, you can just make them listen to it themselves. This is one of the most revolutionary and innovative albums ever recorded and the younger generation needs to understand what real music is like. The amount of creativity and experimentation resulted into something no other band can even come close to. Soon enough, you’ll hear your nephews or nieces singing “Yellow Submarine,” “Eleanor Rigby,” or “For No One.” This is a good introduction to The Fab Four and one that the neighbors wouldn’t mind if you crank this up really loudly. It’s an absolute masterpiece and you shouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly prefer listening to classics such as this from now on. There’s nothing better than vinyl records, not even music streaming.


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