10 Christmas Rock Songs To Make Your Holidays Extra Special

10 Christmas Rock Songs To Make Your Holidays Extra Special | Society Of Rock Videos

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

In chase you don’t have a Christmas playlist yet, let us help you out. If you don’t want the usual pop-ish and traditional songs, we’ve got you covered:

1. Keith Richards – “Run Rudolph Run”

This is something we’d crank up early in the morning! Keith Richards just became our ultimate guitar hero. Who would have thought Christmas songs could rock as hard as this? Think about it. If we’re to do any caroling this year, we’d need our electric guitars. People would be blown away for sure! There’s no such thing as ‘silent night’ when Keef’s in the house. He covered this classic in the most Keef way possible. To be fair, we love Chuck Berry’s version too but this one is something else. It definitely has a slight edge and it’s raspier too. This is one track we don’t mind playing even in July. It makes you want to wish that all Christmas tunes would be as awesome and catchy as this. Well, what are you waiting for? Make this a big part of your holidays. Your neighbors will thank you, we guarantee that.


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