10 Absolutely Insane Rock Conspiracy Theories Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night




1. Doors Frontman Jim Morrison Didn’t Actually Die At Home

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Doors frontman Jim Morrison became a member of the tragic 27 Club when on July 3, 1971 the 27 year old rock icon was found dead in a bathtub at the Paris apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson.

The widely accepted theory is that Morrison fell ill sometime during the night and died from “natural causes,” but in 2007, French born former New York Times journalist Sam Bernett offered up a second version of events that found Jim Morrison in a bathroom stall at Rock’n’Roll Circus, dead from a heroin overdose before being whisked away to his apartment via a back door by two men who put him in a bathtub to try and revive him before ultimately calling paramedics, who pronounced Morrison dead almost immediately.

2. Jimi Hendrix: Murdered?

Monitor Picture Library / Photoshot / Getty Images

Guitar prodigy Jimi Hendrix may have met a far more sinister end than a drug overdose. Pronounced dead at 12:45pm on September 18, 1970 after girlfriend Monika Dannemann found him unresponsive in her apartment at the Samarkand Hotel, Hendrix was found to have choked his own vomit and died of asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates. However, James “Tappy” Wright, a 65-year-old former road manager who worked for Hendrix’s manager Mike Jeffrey, suggested that Hendrix was killed on Jeffrey’s order by a gang who broke into the room and forced wine and painkillers down his throat until he drowned. Sounds crazy, but an account by registrar John Bannister at St. Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington actually kind of supports Wright’s allegation:

“The amount of wine that was over him was just extraordinary. Not only was it saturated right through his hair and shirt but his lungs and stomach were absolutely full of wine,” he said.

“I have never seen so much wine. We had a sucker that you put down into his trachea, the entrance to his lungs and to the whole of the back of his throat. We kept sucking him out and it kept surging and surging. He had already vomited up masses of red wine and I would have thought there was half a bottle of wine in his hair. He had really drowned in a massive amount of red wine.”



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