5 Worst Live Performances in Rock History

5 Worst Live Performances in Rock History | Society Of Rock Videos

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For many people, going to a live show is a really exciting event. They spend a lot of money on tickets and look forward to it for a long time. It could be a concert by their favorite band, a mind-blowing magic show, or even being part of a TV show audience.

Usually, these performances meet the high expectations and create amazing memories for the attendees. But sometimes, things go terribly wrong and the event turns into a disaster. From chaotic riots at festivals to dangerous situations with animals, this list showcases some of the worst live performances in history.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Saturday Night Live – 1992

Can a single song performance be so terrible that it becomes famous for being bad? That’s what happened when the Red Hot Chili Peppers played on Saturday Night Live in 1992. Guitarist John Frusciante used the performance to express his unhappiness with the band’s sudden fame, playing poorly and singing off-key. It’s cringe-worthy to watch, but it also shows the other band members trying their best to hold it together.

Rolling Stones – Altamont Speedway, California, 1969

If you think security at concerts can be rough, imagine being pushed around by Hells Angels! The Rolling Stones planned a free concert as a celebration of the 60’s culture, but they made the mistake of hiring the Hells Angels to handle security. The bikers caused chaos, riding through the crowd, interrupting the bands, and even getting violent. Some people were injured, and one person was killed during the chaos.

Led Zeppelin’s 1985 Live Aid Reunion Concert

Led Zeppelin was considered rock royalty, but even they had their off days. When the band reunited for a concert in 1985 without drummer John Bonham, it didn’t go smoothly. Phil Collins and Tony Thompson, who were filling in as drummers, were unfamiliar with the songs and made mistakes. Jimmy Page was given a poorly-tuned guitar, and Robert Plant’s voice was tired from previous shows. The band also had issues with their monitors, making it difficult to hear themselves. The result was a performance that was uncomfortable to listen to.

Guns N Roses – The Warfield, San Francisco, 2006

This particular Guns N Roses concert had a rough start. Axl Rose showed up two hours late, angering the audience. When a fan expressed their frustration, Axl stopped the show to confront them and have them removed. Furthermore, the band used large-scale pyrotechnics in a small theater, which was seen as insensitive considering a similar incident had resulted in a deadly fire at a Great White concert three years prior. Guns N Roses have always been known for their drama, and this concert was no exception.

Woodstock ’99

Woodstock ’99 was a music festival that took place in the late 90s. This was a time when rock music was changing, with grunge fading away and fun, energetic music taking its place. However, Woodstock ’99 turned out to be a disaster and marked the end of an era.

The festival featured bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit, who were part of a genre called nu metal. Korn had a great performance on the first night, but things went downhill when Limp Bizkit took the stage. The lead singer, Fred Durst, tried to rile up the crowd by encouraging them to let out their negative emotions. However, this quickly turned into chaos.

Instead of moshing or having a good time, the crowd began destroying the stage, starting fires, and even engaging in sexual assaults. This behavior was disrespectful and completely different from the spirit of the festival. It was a far cry from the grunge movement that had started the decade. Kurt Cobain, the late grunge icon, would probably be disappointed by what happened at Woodstock ’99 if he were here to see it.

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