5 Worst Fashion of Steven Tyler

5 Worst Fashion of Steven Tyler | Society Of Rock Videos

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The title says it all, folks. Today we’re going on a whirlwind (and horrifying) fashion tour with none other than Steven Tyler: know him from Aerosmith, love him from American Idol, and wonder over his sartorial choices since, well, we’re not really sure? Strap in for five of his worst fashion flops.

Despite all these, his personal sense of style has been as much a trademark as his vocal range, making him stand out in every crowd. At least we can say that while his wardrobe choices may be…questionable, Tyler’s commitment to unique fashion never fades. So here’s to you, Steven Tyler, the wonderfully confusing whirlwind of a rock ‘n roll fashion pioneer! Long may you reign… and long may you surprise (and sometimes horrify) us.

1974 — The Dawn of the Lace Invasion

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1974 was the year when Tyler embraced a look we can only describe as cross between a wannabe pirate and an overeager Renaissance Fair enthusiast. Known for his typical shirtless, jumpsuit look, what really made this outfit ‘pop’ were those boundary-pushing patterned lace-ups that he began donning as part of his ensemble. Iconic? Yes. No denying it. Well-advised? Absolutely not.

1975 — The Rep Stripe Jumpsuit

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Oh, the rep stripe jumpsuit. It was a sight to behold, and when we say ‘behold’, we mean ‘shield your eyes from the glare of the stage lights bouncing off the polyester disaster’. It was a look that said, “I’m about to rock your world,” but also, “I might have gotten lost on my way to a football-themed disco.”

1976 — Hello, Purple Leopard Print Lace-up

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Here’s an outfit that screams I-must-have-lost-a-bet. In 1976, Tyler decided that purple leopard print lace-ups were a good idea. Yes, you read that right: purple. Leopard. Print. Lace-ups. While this was also when the ‘Toxic Twins’ moniker first started floating around, his biggest crime might have been that particular fashion fiasco.

1987 — Belly-Shirt and Hip-Huggers…Enough Said

via Whitesnake & Rock-and-Roll Fans / YouTube

In an attempt to summarize this tragic episode, we’ll go ahead and quote the legendary Simon Cowell: “It’s a no from me.” Belly shirt, hip-huggers, and more skin than an Ostrich leather shop, we can’t say anything more about this outfit other than it happened, we saw it, and we’re still recovering.

Present – The Grandma Fashion

via Celebrity Real Life / YouTube

And here we are in the present day, where Tyler has pioneered a look we affectionately dub “The Grandma Look.” You can almost imagine him perusing antique shops for doilies to wear or asking bandmates “Which floral print screams ‘Dream On’ to you?”

It’s as if he raided the closet of the coolest grandma on the block, the one who still sneaks out to hit the bingo halls on a Tuesday night. From headscarves that have seen more knots than a boy scout manual to layered pendants that jingle with the wisdom of the ages, Tyler’s ensemble now whispers tales of yesteryear with a dash of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion.

Is it practical? Debatable. Is it cozy? It looks it. And it’s all tied together with a selection of spectacles that could double as reading glasses or a makeshift magnifying glass. He’s left us wondering if his next concert venues will be local libraries or cozy coffee shops where folk tales are told.

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