Wolfgang Van Halen Gives His Honest Comments About AI Taking Over Music

Wolfgang Van Halen Gives His Honest Comments About AI Taking Over Music | Society Of Rock Videos

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Musicians have different perspectives on using AI (artificial intelligence) in the music industry, with some emphasizing the need for regulation and others embracing its potential as a creative tool. Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen expressed his opinions about AI.

During an interview with Primordial Radio, the Mammoth WVH frontman said about the topic:

“I think when aiding in creation, sort of like that ‘intelligent’ drummer thing [from Logic], [it] can be helpful. But overall, when it comes to creative merits and creative processes, I really just don’t think AI can compete. The only way it competes is by plagiarizing a combination of everything else that we’ve already done. So without us, it couldn’t be. So when it comes to creating original sort of things, no chance.”

In a previous interview, Van Halen also criticized bands that heavily rely on pre-recorded tracks during their live performances. He stated that replacing core tracks with pre-recorded ones is foolish, and musicians should be able to play their instruments live without relying on laptops.

While, other rock acts such as Gene Simmons, the Kiss bassist and vocalist, expressed both excitement and concern about AI as a music tool. He stated:

“AI is here, whether you like it or not. So let’s look at it smartly and let’s pass legislation. AI creates a song using my voice, or what sounds like my voice, with a new song, and it sounds just like me and it definitely sounds like that kind of a thing. So when you buy it, who owns the copyright and the publishing, if AI did that? So, is it me, because it sounds like me? You could swear it was me.”

In a separate interview, Triumph drummer Gil Moore also shared his views about people using AI to create fake tracks and artist voices. He said:

“I love technology. That’s why I’m involved with a software company now, but it’s music based. And so everybody in the music space is kind of up in arms about AI, and I get why.”

Moore then continued:

“First of all, AI is inevitable.

“I think AI could be a creative tool for musicians to harness in the same way that mathematicians use calculators, but when you get into creating fake tracks and when you get into criminal activity, it’s a set of burglar keys for a smart producer, or even not a smart producer but a smart crook who understands a little tiny bit about music, to try to scam streaming royalties, which is what’s going on with fake tracks.”

Watch Wolfgang Van Halen’s interview below.

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