Why John Fogerty Feels CCR Betrayed Him

Why John Fogerty Feels CCR Betrayed Him | Society Of Rock Videos

Bitter ends to a beaming brotherhood

There is a reason why John Fogerty refused to play with the rest of the Credence Clearwater Revival members during their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1993. Their ridiculous feud with each other that has gone bad, bitter, and bemoaning. During this interview with Jim Norton at Opie Radio, Fogerty explains in detail why he feels betrayed by his former bandmates.

To refresh your memory, Fogerty was sued by the boss of Fantasy Records, Saul Zaentz for plagiarising his own songs, who owned the rights to early CCR songs. Fogerty brought a guitar to the courtroom and played the songs to the judge to demonstrate the key differences in each. He won the case, and even managed to counter-sue for his legal fees.

But his epic rift with his bandmates and his boss started when the business decisions for their songs, whether it would be used for commercials or movies, stopped being unanimous among them. When Fogerty learned that his bandmates sold their right to vote on business decisions to Saentz, who he says is his “worst enemy – the guy at the record company.”

“…what we did was we made an agreement among ourselves, it makes a unanimous decision of anything for it to go forward because we’re blood brothers, we’re a brotherhood here”

“But what really betrayed me was when I learned that, [ ] Saul felt he could now do anything he wanted with Credence music”, he adds.

To add salt to injury, Stu Cook apologized to John after everything had already played out. Fogerty recalls,

“I looked at him and said ‘Stu you go fix all those things that are still hurting me now that you set in motion and then maybe I will listen to your apology but right now it’s a pretty empty apology.”

In the end, Fogerty learned that the people he trusted that went against him did not care at all about the music but only had gaining profits in mind.

Watch the interview below:

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