Why Bruce Springsteen Fans Are Going Mad and Furious About His Current Tour

Why Bruce Springsteen Fans Are Going Mad and Furious About His Current Tour | Society Of Rock Videos

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Longtime fans of Bruce Springsteen are disappointed by the lack of variation in his setlists for his 2023 tour.

For years, Springsteen has been recognized for changing up his song choices from one concert to another. This unique feature has been a major draw for his devoted fan base, who eagerly attend his performances across the nation, knowing that each show offers a distinct experience. However, this tradition seems to be shifting during his current tour.

In the 2023 North American tour, Springsteen has predominantly relied on very similar setlists for each performance. According to NJ.com, they analyzed the data and found that “the band performed 65 different songs across 63 shows on this tour.”

In comparison, during Springsteen’s 2016-17 tour commemorating the anniversary of The River, he played a remarkable 144 different songs in 75 concerts.

The Reason Behind Fewer Songs

Bruce Springsteen’s legendary concerts have always been known for their marathon length, and that hasn’t changed – they still run close to three hours on average. However, fans have noticed a shift in recent tours, with a reduced variety of songs compared to his previous performances. This change in repertoire might be traced back to his successful run on Broadway.

During his impressive 267-show run on Broadway from 2017 to 2021, Springsteen adhered to a fixed set list for the most part. This approach was a departure from his usual concerts, which often featured surprise songs and spontaneous changes.

In essence, his Broadway shows took on a more structured and predictable format, reminiscent of a traditional Broadway stage production. It’s entirely plausible that this extended stint on Broadway has left a lasting impact on Springsteen’s approach to crafting his concert set lists.

Fans can expect a more scripted and consistent experience, with fewer surprises, at his future shows.

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