What Ohio State’s Marching Band Can Do With Rock Music Will ASTONISH You

What Ohio State’s Marching Band Can Do With Rock Music Will ASTONISH You | Society Of Rock Videos

How Do They Do It?

Known as the best marching band in the world, Ohio State decided to bring documented history to life with this incredible performance of the British invasion at Wembley Stadium last week.

Physically forming what is known as the British invasion, the band went back in time, literally as they accurately depicted Big Ben and created and played The Who’s “My Generation” with a performer doing the splits at a microphone… no big deal.. and that is just the beginning.

Once the young man finished his split, the band became the iconic mouth of the Rolling Stones as they played “No Satisfaction” and it was epic, just before they formed into a giant guitar! What could describe England more??

And what is London without the double decker, red bus? Ohio State became the signature London bus and actually moved as wheels down the field sporting the “Welcome To London” banner. The crowd went wild!

And what is London without Abbey Road? The unforgettable memory of the Beatles walking across that striped street… You might be thinking, how could you actually make that happen physically, well… they did and it was the most awesome thing we have ever seen

After going forward in time to present day playing the Beatles’ “Yesterday,” the band took the shape of a rotating ferris wheel, the Queen’s crown and finally the London bridge with the British and American flags next to each other.

Just before you think the performance is at its end, the band surprises the world and the fans with two beautifully written, cursive formations spelling out Ohio.

There can literally be no better than this band, considering their hard work and dedication to be perfect in all aspects, musically and physically- simultaneously.

Check it out, this description does not do it an ounce of justice!


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