What Causes Chrissie Hynde’s Dislike for Autograph Seekers

What Causes Chrissie Hynde’s Dislike for Autograph Seekers | Society Of Rock Videos

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Chrissie Hynde, the frontwoman of the iconic band Pretenders, has a deep appreciation for her fans, the music they share, and the joy it brings to their lives. However, there’s one aspect of fan interaction that has left her feeling less than thrilled – the autograph seekers.

In a recent Facebook post, Hynde expressed her gratitude to those who have attended the band’s club shows, describing the experience as “a total joy.” She genuinely values her fans’ support and the opportunity to connect through music.

Yet, Hynde also took a moment to address a particular group of fans who haven’t been as enjoyable to be around. She wrote, “I want to apologize for not stopping to say hello outside the venues. I used to, but certain individuals have made it too much brain damage to deal with.” It’s important to note that she directed her frustration not at her “lovely fans” but at those individuals who approach her with stacks of albums and guitars, hoping for a signature.

Hynde appreciates a good scam but finds it disheartening when fans approach her solely for autographs, saying:

“How cheap. You would not believe how entitled some people think they are. Aggressive? Don’t get me started.”

Chrissie Hynde is not alone in her feelings about autograph hounds.

Other artists, such as Ringo Starr and Dave Grohl, have also grown weary of the constant requests for signatures. Ringo Starr stopped signing autographs over a decade ago, now reserving his signature for charity causes.

Dave Grohl has adopted a similar stance after experiencing a deluge of autograph hounds.

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In 2022, Justin Hawkins of the Darkness shared his perspective in a YouTube video, distinguishing between genuine fans and those seeking autographs for resale purposes. He noted that signing autographs felt like a piece of his soul diminishing with each signature.

Hynde also touched on another aspect of her public life that she finds challenging – being recognized or approached in public. She values the ability to engage in ordinary activities like strolling down the street, shopping, visiting museums, and exploring cities. For her, these experiences are the essence of why she chose a life in music – to see the world and embrace the beauty of everyday life.

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