Watch Sammy Hagar Visit Toby Keith’s Oklahoma Ranch

Watch Sammy Hagar Visit Toby Keith’s Oklahoma Ranch | Society Of Rock Videos

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In one of the episodes of Rock & Roll Road Trip, Sammy Hagar takes viewers on an exclusive journey through Toby Keith’s sprawling Oklahoma property. From candid conversations to exploring vintage cars and reminiscing about music, the episode offers a rare glimpse into the life of the country music icon.

Hagar and Keith had a casual conversation as they kicked out their tour, talking about Keith’s broad musical taste and his move from rock to country. Keith credits his extensive songwriting career to his early passion for music, which led him to favor performers who composed their songs, such as music icons Willie Nelson and Bob Seger.

As they stroll through Keith’s property, Hagar is fascinated by the eclectic mix of vintage cars and iconic memorabilia. Keith proudly showcases his prized possessions, including a classic 1969 Mustang and a meticulously restored 1973 Cutlass, each vehicle holding a unique story and sentimental value.

The Story of Hollywood Corners

The highlight of the tour is Hollywood Corners, a historic gas station turned entertainment venue on Keith’s property. Keith explains the station’s rich history, dating back almost a century, and his vision to transform it into a hub for live music and community gatherings. With its rustic charm and vintage decor, Hollywood Corners sums up Keith’s love for preserving heritage while creating memorable experiences for visitors.

The duo’s banter is lighthearted and genuine as they explore every nook and cranny of Keith’s ranch. From joking about Keith’s numerous business ventures to spontaneous jam sessions, their camaraderie shines through, underscoring a deep friendship rooted in music and mutual respect.

A Rum-Fueled Jam

An unexpected performance of Keith’s new song, “Rum’s the Reason,” a delightful song inspired by the fantastical idea of pirates and their love of rum, is one of the highlights of the show. The chemistry between the two artists is evident as Hagar joins in on the fun and adds his distinctive flavor to the acoustic jam session.

As the episode comes to a close, Hagar expresses his gratitude for Keith’s hospitality and the bonds they’ve formed over the years. Their genuine friendship serves as a reminder of the unifying power of music and the joy of sharing moments with kindred spirits.

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