Watch Peter Gabriel Sends A Message To Phil Collins In 1988

Watch Peter Gabriel Sends A Message To Phil Collins In 1988 | Society Of Rock Videos

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This Is Your Life was a popular television show that aired in several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The show featured surprise reunions and tributes to famous individuals, highlighting their personal and professional achievements. One notable episode of the show aired in 1988, featuring the British musician Phil Collins.

During the episode, Collins was reunited with his colleagues from the band Genesis, which he had been a part of since the 1970s. This reunion likely brought back memories and nostalgia for the band members, as they had achieved significant success together before Collins embarked on a solo career.

Heartwarming Message

In addition to the Genesis reunion, a video message was sent to Collins from Peter Gabriel, another former member of Genesis. At the time, Gabriel was touring with Amnesty International, an organization that focuses on human rights advocacy. Gabriel’s video message was described as both sweet and funny, adding an entertaining and heartwarming element to the show. He said:

“Hi Phil, this is Peter, and I’m sitting backstage in Montreal, and we are doing a tour for Amnesty International, taking us all the way around the world. And that’s the excuse I have for not being with you tonight. We’re very proud of you, Phil, and I remember a lot of things. I remember the five that I lent you in 1972, and I remember that you could play the drums a lot better than I could. Anyway, I’ve been very pleased to see your meteoric success and how well you’ve done in everything– production, singing, writing, acting. Well, I can think of a lot of words of how I feel, but jealous, of course, isn’t one of them. Anyway, I’m very pleased, and I wish you a great evening tonight and lots of love.”

The 1988 episode of This Is Your Life featuring Collins offered a unique opportunity for him to reconnect with his former bandmates and receive warm messages from friends in the industry. The show provided a platform to celebrate Collins’ musical accomplishments and reflect on his journey in the music industry.

Watch the video below.

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