10 Underrated 1970s Rock Bands You Need to Hear

10 Underrated 1970s Rock Bands You Need to Hear | Society Of Rock Videos

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The 1970s was an era that reshaped the music world, giving us some of the most iconic rock bands in history. However, for every Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, there were countless trailblazers whose music fell just outside the limelight. These ten rock bands may not have made the history books, but their sounds are timeless and their contributions to rock are invaluable.

April Wine

April Wine emerged from the vibrant Canadian music scene, crafting their sound with a series of albums that captured a growing audience. Over time, songs like “Roller” and “I Like to Rock” demonstrated the band’s evolving style. But it was the smooth “Just Between You and Me” that cemented their place in rock history, bridging the gap between the ‘70s and ’80s with cross-border appeal. They adeptly balanced heavy guitar riffs with melodious harmonies, paving the way for future acts.


Badfinger had a promising start with the Apple label, echoing the melodic pop-rock of their famous benefactors, The Beatles. Their success, highlighted by their song “Baby Blue,” showcased their capability for making timeless music. Despite their talent, the band faced misfortune and hardship. Still, their influence remains intact, especially through the power-pop genre that traces its roots back to the catchy, heartfelt songwriting of Badfinger.

Blue Öyster Cult

Blue Öyster Cult stood out not just for their hit “Burnin’ for You” but also for their willingness to experiment. Their lyrics often drew from science fiction and fantasy, imbuing their music with a distinctive, imaginative quality. Besides their more popular songs, they churned out complex albums full of deep cuts that showed off their technical skill and creativity.


Budgie may not have reached the stadium-filling status of some of their peers, but their thunderous music was influential beyond measure. Budgie’s heavy, riff-laden tunes are now celebrated by heavy metal enthusiasts searching for the roots of their favorite genre. Their raw power and blistering guitar work stand as a testament to their vision and impact.

Dead Boys

The fierce Dead Boys crashed onto the punk scene with an unapologetic sound that pushed the boundaries of rock. While their flame burned briefly, it shone brightly, inspiring a wave of punk musicians with its intensity. Their song “Sonic Reducer” remains an anthem of rebellion and raw power, showcasing the pure essence of punk.

The Guess Who

A hit machine, The Guess Who left their mark with guitar-driven tracks and thought-provoking lyrics. Their chart-topping days may have defined them, but it’s their broader body of work—a rich tapestry of folk, rock, and pop—that shows off their true talents. Their storytelling continues to resonate, proving their music was more than just radio fodder.


Hawkwind took its listeners on otherworldly journeys with their space-themed music, blending different sonic elements into a unique sound. Albums like “Space Ritual” showcased a live performance that was both a musical and a visual feast, cementing their legacy as more than just a band; they were architects of an experience.

Little Feat

When talking about fusions of rock, blues, and country music, Little Feat must be at the forefront. Often underappreciated, they garnered a dedicated fan base with their groove-laden tunes and intricate musicianship. Their live performances were acclaimed, showcasing their intricate interplay and improvisational skills.


Montrose blasted onto the scene with their 1973 self-titled debut, delivering high-octane performances that captured their raw, unfiltered energy. Their guitar riffs were muscular and impressive, laying down a blueprint for hard rock bands to follow. It was in Montrose that Sammy Hagar first made a splash, proving his prowess before going on to greater fame.


And finally, Nazareth may be best known for “Love Hurts,” but their reach goes beyond this power ballad. They carved out a niche with raspy, soulful vocals and sharp guitars, appealing to a wide array of rock fans. From tender acoustics to hard-hitting numbers, Nazareth navigated the rock genre with precision, leaving behind a treasure trove of classic tracks.

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