Pete Townshend Criticizes AC/DC’s Repetitive Albums

Pete Townshend Criticizes AC/DC’s Repetitive Albums | Society Of Rock Videos

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The Who’s guitarist, Pete Townshend, recently shared his thoughts on AC/DC’s music in an interview with the New York Times. He expressed his disappointment with AC/DC for what he perceives as their lack of musical evolution, suggesting that they have been creating similar music throughout their career.

The Who vs. AC/DC

Pete Townshend pointed out, “AC/DC made 50 albums, but all their albums were the same.” This comment sheds light on his perspective that AC/DC’s music has not diversified over the years. Townshend compared this approach to The Who’s musical journey, highlighting a fundamental difference in how each band views innovation and artistic growth.

He further explained, “It wasn’t the way The Who worked. We were an ideas band.” This statement underlines The Who’s commitment to evolution and experimenting with new concepts in their music. For Townshend and his bandmates, staying musically static was never an option. Their focus has always been on pushing boundaries and exploring new territories, something he feels AC/DC has not done.

Reflecting on The Who’s essence and legacy, Townshend made it clear that their identity as a band isn’t tied to their current age or trying to relive their youth on stage. “The Who isn’t (Roger) Daltrey and Townshend onstage at 80, pretending to be young. It’s the four of us in 1964 when we were 18 or 19,” he stated. This perspective emphasizes that The Who’s spirit and music transcend time, echoing their early days’ innovation and enthusiasm.


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The Who’s Vision for Music and Technology

Looking ahead, Townshend mentioned an intriguing future project that would engage fans in a novel manner. “If you want to see The Who myth, wait for the avatar show. It would be good!” he said, hinting at an upcoming virtual reality experience that promises to bring The Who’s music and history to life in an entirely new way.

Through his comments, Pete Townshend not only critiques AC/DC’s approach to music-making but also illuminates the contrasting philosophy that has driven The Who’s enduring success. While AC/DC has undeniably left a significant mark on the rock genre with their powerful anthems and consistent sound, Townshend’s reflections invite listeners to consider the value of artistic evolution and creative exploration in music.

Pete Townshend’s critique of AC/DC’s music repetition opens up a broader conversation about innovation, identity, and legacy in rock music. As both bands continue to influence new generations of musicians and fans, their differing approaches to creativity and evolution underscore the rich diversity within the rock genre itself.

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