Top 5 Greatest Drum Solos Of The ’80s

Top 5 Greatest Drum Solos Of The ’80s | Society Of Rock Videos

Nothing compares to the essence emanating from a drummer’s soul letting out the unscripted beats. Ringo Starr, the rhythmic heartbeat of the Fab Four, personifies this drumming spirit—a maestro not necessarily defined by technical prowess but rather by an intuitive connection with the song.

A compelling drum solo goes beyond the constraints of melody. Its pulse lies in a well-constructed pattern that crescendos to a climactic zenith. The following iconic drum solos of the 80s show the magical rhythms and brilliant beats of the decade captured by these versatile drummers.

5. Genesis Drum Duet: Phil Collins and Chester Thompson (1980-1984)
Immerse yourself in the symphony of perfection as witnessed in this drum duet, a rhythmic dialogue between Phil Collins and Chester Thompson. Their percussive brilliance unfolds with awe-inspiring precision, showcasing the incredible prowess of these percussionists.

4. Queen’s Roger Taylor Drum Solo at Rock Montreal (1981)
Transport yourself back to the 80s as Roger Taylor, Queen’s rhythmic virtuoso, takes center stage in a drum solo that introduces the novel use of a timpani. Taylor’s mastery extends beyond music; he drums with the precision of a maestro, earning him the title of the best “Dentist drummer” of the era.

3. Ian Paice Drum Solo (1980)
Enter the realm of rare footage capturing Ian Paice, a drummer whose right foot prowess rivals that of Bonzo. Crowned as the king of the bass drum and triplets, Paice’s drum solo is a testament to his exceptional skill and rhythmic finesse.

2. Van Halen’s Alex Van Halen Drum Solo
Defined by speed and precision, Alex Van Halen emerges as one of the most underrated drummers in the rock music panorama. His drum solo encapsulates a relentless pursuit of excellence, leaving an indelible rhythmic mark.

1. Rush’s Neil Peart YYZ Drum Solo (1983)
Elevating drumming to an art form, Neil Peart of Rush claims the top spot as the most formidable drummer to have graced this planet. A drum solo of unparalleled intensity, watching Peart’s virtuosity in the video above is a non-negotiable prescription for those who dare to challenge his supremacy.

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