This ‘Prehistoric’ Creature Found In Japan Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

This ‘Prehistoric’ Creature Found In Japan Is The Stuff Of Nightmares | Society Of Rock Videos

It’s One Of The Rarest Things You Can Find In The Ocean

I’m sweating buckets looking at this. So apparently, you won’t really get the chance to encounter this creature unless you’re 600 meters below sea level, which is their usual habitat. Nope, nope and a whole lot of NOPE. You know when people say you can find plenty of weird, scary and dangerous things in the ocean? Well, I guess THIS is what they meant. That mouthful of needle-like teeth is definitely going to give me nightmares. I actually had to back away from my computer during that super close shot. Man, whoever took this video is one brave soul. That’s not gonna happen with me.

Seldom observed, the frilled shark may capture prey by bending its body and lunging forward like a snake. The long, extremely flexible jaws enable it to swallow prey whole, while its many rows of small, needle-like teeth make it difficult for the prey to escape.

Yup, you really don’t want to mess with this one.

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