There’s One Scene From ‘The Dirt’ Director Jeff Tremaine “Hated Every Second” Of Filming

There’s One Scene From ‘The Dirt’ Director Jeff Tremaine “Hated Every Second” Of Filming | Society Of Rock Videos

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In case you missed it, after years of waiting, the highly anticipated Mötley Crüe biopic ‘The Dirt’ has finally been made into a movie and premiered exclusively on Netflix this past Friday, March 22. Based off of the collaborative autobiography of the same name, the movie focuses on the the debauchery and many tragedies of each member of the band.

Without going too much into detail and spoiling a lot of it, the film was fantastic. Sure, it glossed over a lot of the actual story, but all in all, it was a fun and emotional film.

‘The Dirt’ has been a passion project of director Jeff Tremaine for almost a decade. He had to jump through a countless amount of flaming hoops to finally get it off the ground, but through perseverance and hard work, he finally did all thanks to Netflix and a stellar cast. If and when you watch the film, you can tell that he really put his heart and soul into it. It’s clear that his main focus was telling the story the right way, and that’s exactly what he did.

That being said though, there was one scene in particular that he “hated every second” of filming. It was scene that those of us who watched were crying our eyes out over, and that was the hospital scene with Vince Neil’s daughter Skylar.

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During a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Tremaine admitted that he was astounded by Kamryn Ragsdale’s (Skylar) performance. He also admitted that because of how emotional the scene was that he “hated every second” of filming it. Here is what he had to say…

“She was incredible and that was a really emotional scene to shoot, I couldn’t believe this little kid was bringing that to the table. She was unbelievable, easy to work with. She just put herself in the zone. I hated every second of being in that hospital scene.”

Like I said, I won’t spoil anything, and if you’re a Mötley Crüe fan then you most likely already know the full story, but I’ll just warn you. It’s an incredibly heavy scene.

So, have some tissues ready…

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