The Story Behind “Dream On” By Aerosmith

The Story Behind “Dream On” By Aerosmith | Society Of Rock Videos

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The tale of Aerosmith’s iconic song “Dream On” unfolds with a stark declaration from the Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll in Rolling Stone magazine, dubbing the band as “Led by Steven Tyler, a copy of Mick Jagger and known for his aggressive style based on the blues.”

Despite criticism comparing them to the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith emerged as a crucial force in American hard rock during the mid-’70s.

“Dream On” first echoed through the air at the Shaboo Inn in Willimantic, Connecticut, in November 1971, earning the band $175 and a bottle of gin. However, it was the song’s reissue in November 1975 that propelled it to triumph. Climbing to number 6 on the Billboard chart in 1976, the track became a poignant anthem about the universal experience of chasing and realizing dreams.

Steven Tyler, the charismatic frontman, delves into the song’s genesis, attributing his father’s influence to its creation. Reflecting on his father, a classically trained musician, Tyler recalls childhood moments of listening to piano melodies. These memories crystallized in his mind, shaping the piano-infused composition of “Dream On.” As Tyler aptly puts it in his book Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, the piano music became an integral part of the song, brought to life by Tyler himself.

“Dream On,” a treasure from the heart of Boston, stands out as Aerosmith’s finest legacy, representing the band’s insatiable appetite for conquering the world. As the years pass, the song remains a testament to their enduring quality, contextual significance, and the emotions it continues to evoke – inviting listeners to “sing for the years, for the laughter and for the tears.”

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