The Real Reason Bruce Springsteen Refused His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

The Real Reason Bruce Springsteen Refused His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star | Society Of Rock Videos

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When an artist receives recognition on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, it signifies their immense iconic status. It indicates that they have left an indelible mark in their artistic field and are now permanently honored on the ground that symbolizes fame.

Most people understand that this accomplishment is highly regarded because it symbolizes a noteworthy achievement. However, it’s also worth noting that not everyone is destined to have their name on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Bruce Springsteen was not yet prepared for this distinction.

Behind the Scenes: The Hollywood Rejection

Numerous actors, musicians, and artists have been invited to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame, but an equal number have politely declined, opting not to be associated with the Hollywood industry.

While some individuals may choose to take a strong stance against the establishment by rejecting the offer, Springsteen took a more practical approach by simply not attending the event.

Looking back, it appears inevitable that ‘The Boss’ would eventually achieve stardom in Hollywood. Despite his modest origins in the lesser-known parts of New Jersey, Springsteen’s talent for creating vivid imagery through his music has greatly influenced American culture, extending beyond just the realm of Hollywood.

During the selection procedure, Springsteen made significant progress in the induction process, as his name was reviewed and considered by every member of the committee.

Springsteen Alters Policy of the Walk of Fame

Vice President Ana Martinez discussed his absence from the ceremony and introduced a new policy, which she coined the “Bruce Springsteen policy.” During an interview with Today, she explained:

“I call this my ‘Bruce Springsteen policy.’ Ever since then, we have celebrities sign off, or their management, and say they’re OK with it, and they’ll be participating in the event once it has been scheduled if they are selected.”

Despite the possibility of Springsteen adding his name to the glamour of Hollywood, that was never the true intention. Throughout his career, Springsteen focused on addressing the challenges faced by ordinary people, as evident in album Born in the USA. Perhaps having a star dedicated to him became too much of a spectacle, leading to a loss of credibility and seriousness.

Springsteen was not the sole rock musician who declined the opportunity. Prince, after the possibility of being inducted in 1989, also had the option to receive a star on the Walk of Fame but decided against it. Certain actors have also chosen not to pursue a star, such as Clint Eastwood, who despite having a spot reserved for him, declined the honor.

On another note, Martinez revealed some information about the financial aspect of the Walk of Fame, stating that approximately $50,000 is required for star approval, with 60% of that amount being allocated to The Hollywood Historic Trust.

Given that a few of Springsteen’s songs revolve around the joys of living a modest life away from the Hollywood lifestyle, it is likely that he doesn’t perceive himself in the same way. While iconic rock bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones may have originated from the Hollywood scene that Springsteen admired, he views rock and roll as a means of consistently delivering a remarkable performance rather than a collection of accolades.

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