The Most Controversial Moments Of These 5 Classic Rock Bands

The Most Controversial Moments Of These 5 Classic Rock Bands | Society Of Rock Videos

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The classic rock we know is all about iconic guitar riffs, unforgettable performances, and catchy choruses that stick with you. Yet, beneath the music lies a world of controversy and jaw-dropping incidents. From smashing guitars to fiery hotel room escapades, classic rockers have always known how to grab headlines.

Let’s delve into five classic rock bands and the moments that left a lasting impression:

1. Ozzy Osbourne’s Bat Encounter
Ozzy Osbourne has never been one to conform to norms. During one of his electrifying rock shows, a fan tossed a seemingly fake bat onto the stage. Ozzy, in his own eccentric way, picked it up, thinking it was a harmless prop. To everyone’s shock, he bit its head off, only to realize it was a real bat! Later, he shared the bizarre tale on a talk show, recounting the unpleasant rabies shots he had to endure.

2. Tragedy Strikes at a Rolling Stones Concert
On December 6, 1969, during the Altamont Free Concert, a horrifying incident occurred. A concertgoer named Meredith Hunter was killed while the Rolling Stones were performing. Hunter, attempting to approach the stage, clashed with security, primarily made up of Hells Angels bikers. When he returned brandishing a gun, an Angels member named Alan Passaro fatally stabbed him, claiming self-defense. This tragic event was immortalized in the music documentary, Gimme Shelter.

3. Keith Moon’s Fatal Car Accident
Keith Moon’s life was cut short in 1978 due to his struggles with drugs and alcohol. However, eight years prior, he was involved in a tragic accident that would haunt him. Drunk and trying to escape the chaos at the Red Lion pub, Moon jumped into his car. He inadvertently ran over and killed his friend Neil Boland. The incident was triggered by fans at the bar who had been harassing him, and it left a lasting scar on Moon’s conscience.

4. Metallica’s Battle with Napster
In 2000, Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, found himself testifying before Congress against Napster, a file-sharing internet platform. While their concerns about piracy were legitimate, their stance drew ire from fans who perceived them as targeting the little guys. Ultimately, Metallica and Napster reached a settlement, but the controversy had already left a mark on the band’s image in the 21st century.

5. Pearl Jam Takes on Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster was contested by Pearl Jam in 1994 on the grounds that it had a monopoly and overcharged customers. When they postponed their summer 1994 tour, the band’s protest over the situation reached its peak. During their 1995 tour, they even looked for alternatives to Ticketmaster-affiliated venues. The argument caused enduring bitterness and had a big impact on how Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster came to be friends, even if they were able to heal their differences in the end.

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