The Love Story Of Tina Turner and Her Second Husband

The Love Story Of Tina Turner and Her Second Husband | Society Of Rock Videos

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The global music community has come together to express their grief over the passing of the iconic Tina Turner, who died at the age of 83.

The famous singer, known for her popular songs like “Simply the Best” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” was announced to have passed away by her representative, which led to many people expressing their admiration for the iconic artist.

Escape from Abuse

Having sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and won twelve Grammy awards throughout her impressive career, she was occasionally known as ‘The Queen of Rock and Roll.’

After enduring abuse from her first husband, Ike Turner, Tina Turner attributes her discovery of genuine love to her current spouse, Erwin Bach, a German music executive. As she departs from this world, she leaves behind her husband, acknowledging him as the person who played a vital role in assisting her in finding true happiness.

Tina stated that she felt frightened by Ike and experienced physical violence from him numerous times. In his autobiography, Ike Turner acknowledged that he had physically assaulted Tina by slapping and punching her to the point where she fell to the ground.

Path to True Love

Tina’s second marriage to Bach brought her the ultimate love she had been searching for, and they enjoyed 37 years of companionship. In 1986, their connection started when EMI, the record label, assigned music executive Bach to welcome her at Dusseldorf Airport. They immediately clicked and got along very well.

He had come to present her with a gift, a Mercedes Jeep, on behalf of the record label. However, her focus was primarily on Erwin, whom she portrayed as an instant love connection in her autobiography, titled My Love Story.

She wrote:

“My heart suddenly started to beat BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, drowning out all other sounds. My hands were ice-cold.

“So this is what they call love at first sight, I thought. Oh my God, I am not ready for this.”

They were officially recognized as a couple later that same year and have remained together since then. However, it wasn’t until 2013, after 27 years of being in a relationship, that Tina and Erwin finally got married.

In Sickness and in Health

After a couple of years since their wedding, Tina fell gravely ill, enduring a challenging battle against intestinal cancer and a stroke. Just as she managed to overcome these health struggles, her doctors delivered the distressing news that her kidneys were deteriorating.

She had a strong aversion to undergoing dialysis because she didn’t want to rely on a machine to sustain her life. In fact, she went as far as enrolling in an assisted suicide program, indicating her contemplation of death. Erwin came forward and generously donated one of his kidneys to his wife when it seemed like her only chance of survival was through a transplant.

Against All Odds

In My Love Story, Turner recounted that Erwin expressed his desire to remain faithful and committed to her, stating that he didn’t seek another woman or a different existence. He even expressed his willingness to undergo organ donation, offering one of his own organs to ensure her survival.

A Life-Saving Love

In April 2017, the couple underwent a surgical procedure after testing confirmed that Erwin was a suitable donor for his wife. The testing verified that Erwin’s kidney could be successfully transplanted into Tina.

Tina expressed that the most memorable instance occurred when Erwin arrived in her room using his wheelchair, describing their reunion following the surgery that saved his life. She once said:

“He somehow managed to look good, even handsome, as he greeted me with an energetic: ‘Hi, darling!’ I was so emotional – happy, overwhelmed and relieved that we’d come through this alive.”

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