The Future of Classic Rock: 10 Young Bands Keeping the Genre Alive

The Future of Classic Rock: 10 Young Bands Keeping the Genre Alive | Society Of Rock Videos

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Top RECOMMENDATIONS: ‘JOYOUS WOLF’ and ‘DIRTY HONEY’ – Must-Listen Bands Among Rising Classic Rock Revival Acts!

Rock music has evolved over the years, changing its sound, aesthetic, and attitude. From its roots in the blues, it branched into rockabilly, regular rock ‘n’ roll, and eventually, various subgenres like psychedelic rock, heavy metal, punk, glam rock, grunge, and more. But all these branches trace their lineage back to the blues.

Rock music has taken on a more futuristic vibe. Yet, there’s a group of young bands that emerged in the last decade, returning to the blues and the roots of iconic rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet burst onto the scene in 2017 with their hit single “Highway Tune,” which harkened back to gritty 1970s guitar rock. Comprising three brothers, Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, along with their friend Danny Wagner, this band has chemistry and stage presence that electrify their performances.


Dirty Honey

In 2019, Dirty Honey made history as the first unsigned band to top the Rock chart with a single. Despite their success, they’ve stuck to a DIY approach, ensuring they have control over their career. Their energetic rock sound and determination have led them to open for acts like Guns N’ Roses and The Black Crowes.


Rival Sons

Rival Sons, formed in 2009, have been carrying the rock ‘n’ roll torch with pride. Notably, they were the sole opening band for Black Sabbath’s farewell tour, and even Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page is a fan. Their vintage ’70s rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, combined with their musical talent, makes them a must-listen for classic rock enthusiasts.


Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

This band has toured with rock legends like AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They are passionate about bluesy rock, and their rhythm guitarist, Graham Whitford, is the son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford. Their music is a true celebration of blues-infused rock.


Crown Lands

Crown Lands, from Canada, use their music to raise awareness about the struggles of indigenous Canadians. Their blues and prog rock-inspired music, coupled with grand instrumentation, creates a captivating listening experience.


Goodbye June

Goodbye June, based in Nashville, infuse their bluesy roots with influences ranging from gospel and country to grunge. Frontman Landon Milbourn’s versatile vocals adapt to each song’s mood, offering a diverse listening experience.


White Reaper

White Reaper delivers a fuzzy, guitar-driven sound with a punk twist. Their style, while not imitative, carries a nostalgic ’80s vibe. Their music is refreshing, blending the old with the new.


Larkin Poe

This duo of Georgia-born sisters combines bluesy rock with a southern twang, featuring slide guitar and lap steel in their music. They’ve toured with rock and country acts, showcasing their versatility.


Joyous Wolf

Joyous Wolf is an up-and-coming rock band known for their explosive energy and captivating live performances. Frontman Nick Reese’s powerful vocals and stage presence leave a lasting impression.



Glove stands out with their modern new wave sound infused with punk rock and electronic elements. Their style evokes the spirit of ’80s bands like Talking Heads and Depeche Mode, bringing a unique twist to the classic rock revival.

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