The 15 Greatest American Rock Bands Of The 70s

The 15 Greatest American Rock Bands Of The 70s | Society Of Rock Videos

Naming some of the American classic rock bands during the 70’s that played a major role in creating growth in the music industry. The following bands are just some of the luminaries during that era, but most of them are being remembered and appreciated even decades have already gone by.

The Beach Boys
Even though the band had faded by the ’70s, they still sounded like they mattered during that year because of their hidden gems like their one of the all-time greatest album, Surf’s Up, that was released in 1971.

The Cars
The band that proves that new wave energy can blend with rock music and up to what extent it is needed.

After three unsuccessful albums, they managed to close the ’70s by scoring their first Top 20 hit through creating more mainstream sound.

The Doors
The group that managed to begin the decade with some great material despite of the death of one of their members.

Van Halen
A late comer in the scene, but successfully dominated the genre for at least 10 long years. The band proved themselves capable of stealing shows.

Rock and roll in the ’70s will never be the same without this band. Kiss is truly iconic for the kind of music and gimmick they have.

Talking Heads
A band rooted in funk and disco that came from the same downtown New York scene where Ramones and Blondie came from. The band added a nervy angular energy to their music.

Tom Petty and Heartbreakers
The band which earned mainstream success that would last over the next 40 years.

As a result of drawing influence from different groups, Ramones was able to establish the punk music during ’70s.

The Aerosmith dominated the ’70s with being able to sell millions of copies of at least six of their studio albums released.

It was during the end of the when this group became one of the biggest bands in the world. With their 1976 masterpiece “Hotel California,” the band was able to seal their legacy that up to this time is still being looked up to by existing bands in the music industry.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tirelessly touring and performing more than 500 concerts between 1972 and 1977, the band’s legacy was cemented in those early years and its influence is still felt in rock today. One of their most recognizable songs ever made is the “Sweet Home Alabama.”

The Allman Brothers Band
Only few bands could keep up to the level of quality of music that this band has done. They became stars after releasing a live album in the early parts of that decade.

ZZ Top
The heart and foundation of this band was forged in the ’70s. They closed out the decade with their first platinum album, 1979’s Deguello, and a hard-earned reputation as one of rock’s best live acts.

Aside from Santana becomes a certified rock force, the band’s massive success during the ’70s helped bring Latin rock to the United States mainstream which helped open doors for many like-minded acts.

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