Stevie Nicks Shares How A Popstar Helped Her With Christine McVie’s Death

Stevie Nicks Shares How A Popstar Helped Her With Christine McVie’s Death | Society Of Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks has consistently expressed admiration for emerging artists who have deeply affected her, and she recently expressed gratitude towards Taylor Swift.

Nicks revealed that one of Swift’s recent songs played a significant role in helping her cope with the loss of her dear friend and longtime bandmate from Fleetwood Mac, Christine McVie, who passed away in late 2022. Nicks expressed how devastated she was by McVie’s death and conveyed the personal significance of Swift’s song in her healing process.

Taylor Swift’s Music Eases Stevie Nicks’ Loss

Nicks has been a dedicated admirer of Swift for a while, but Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own Kid” has gained special significance for Nicks after McVie’s passing. McVie sadly passed away in 2022 due to a stroke that followed a cancer diagnosis. Nicks has openly expressed the intense feeling of grief she experienced.

During a recent concert, she expressed gratitude towards Swift for composing the song, as it has aided her in the process of grieving her dear friend.

“Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing a favor for me, and that is, writing a song called ‘You’re on Your Own, Kid,’” talking to her fans at a concert in Atlanta. “That is the sadness of how I feel.”

She expressed her connection to the lyrics of the song saying:

“The two of us were on our own, kids.

“We always were. And now, I’m having to learn to be on my own, kid, by myself. You helped me to do that. Thank you.”

During her speech, Nicks mentioned the strong bond she shared with McVie, emphasizing their enduring closeness. Despite extended periods of being apart, like McVie’s 16-year absence from Fleetwood Mac, they were always able to reconnect effortlessly, as if no time had gone by. Nicks said:

“Even on the other side of the world, we didn’t have to talk on the phone.

“And then we’d go back to Fleetwood Mac and we’d walk in and just be like, ‘Little sister, how are you.’ It was like never a minute had passed. Never an argument in our entire 47 years.”

Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie’s Friendship

Nicks and McVie crossed paths upon Nicks’ arrival in Fleetwood Mac, and McVie expressed that they instantly formed a strong connection. McVie told The Guardian:

“It was critical that I got on with her because I’d never played with another girl.

“But I liked her instantly. She was funny and nice but also there was no competition. We were completely different on the stage to each other and we wrote differently too.”

Nicks expressed her sense of relief when McVie made the decision to rejoin the band after a long period of absence. With McVie’s return, Nicks felt like she had regained her companion, which injected some greatly appreciated lightheartedness into the dynamics within the band.

Nicks told the Star Tribune:

“[McVie] brings the funny back into Fleetwood Mac.

“Before, it was just a boys’ club. With her back, there’s more of a feminine touch to the whole thing. I never want her to ever go out of my life again, and that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with her and I as friends.”

Stevie Nicks Praises Taylor Swift as Music’s Future

Nicks and Swift have collaborated on stage, and Nicks has expressed a great deal of admiration for the talented young artist. In an article for Time magazine, Nicks described Swift as a potential savior for the music industry. Nicks wrote:

“I still walk around singing her song ‘Today Was a Fairytale.’

“All of us girls want that boy to pick us up and think that we look beautiful even though we’re in jeans and clogs. We want it at 14, and we want it at 60. Taylor is writing for the universal woman and for the man who wants to know her. The female rock-‘n’-roll-country-pop songwriter is back, and her name is Taylor Swift. And it’s women like her who are going to save the music business.”

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