Steven Van Zandt Exposes A Music Scam

Steven Van Zandt Exposes A Music Scam | Society Of Rock Videos

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Steven Van Zandt spoke out against a worrying issue with the iTunes platform. He expressed his annoyance on his X platform, shedding light on a problem that had him and many others perplexed.

In his candid post, Van Zandt questioned the current state of iTunes, specifically focusing on a puzzling predicament—purchasing a track, but being unable to play it. He lamented:

“What is this new atrocity with iTunes where you can purchase it, but you can’t play it!?!”

For those who have been using iTunes for years, Van Zandt’s concerns resonated deeply. He reminisced about a time when the platform was simpler, when after purchasing a song, you could immediately hit “play.” Nowadays, all it shows is “purchased,” leaving users with the frustrating inability to enjoy their music.

Van Zandt’s revelation didn’t fall on deaf ears. One dedicated fan shared their own distressing experience with iTunes, highlighting the issue’s scope. They revealed:

“It’s crazy. I bought the soundtrack to Killing Eve (great show, better soundtrack), and now I get, ‘this item is no longer available in your region.’ I don’t care about the money; I miss the music.”

iTunes Under Fire

In response, Van Zandt didn’t hold back. He labeled the situation a “scam” and called upon Apple to take responsibility for the inconvenience their users were enduring. He even suggested that heads should roll:

“This is a f*cking scam! There’s no such thing as it isn’t available in your region! Since we are forced to deal with this digital bullshit, it should have an international license or none at all! Several fools at Apple need to be fired. Starting with the spell correct programmer!”

Van Zandt’s impassioned critique of iTunes serves as a reminder that even in the digital age, music enthusiasts deserve a seamless and enjoyable experience. The issue that remains is whether Apple will pay attention to these complaints and make the required adjustments to set things right for its customers.

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