AMAZING! The Science Behind Steven Tyler’s Vocal Chords!

AMAZING! The Science Behind Steven Tyler’s Vocal Chords! | Society Of Rock Videos

Steven Shares His Voice With Science

Ever wonder exactly what goes into Steven Tyler’s powerhouse vocals? Now’s your chance to find out! Through some help from National Geographic and their exclusive program Incredible Human Machine we get to go on a wild ride through our favorite part of Steven…

…his vocal chords!

(And yes, to answer your question – he’s just as gorgeous on the inside as he is on the outside!)

But How Does He Do It?

Steven’s vocal chords slam together repeatedly to create the sound we know and love at a rate of 170 times per second. If you do the math, that’s:

  • 500,000 times per concert


  • 1 billion times over his entire 42 year career!

Through a series of monitors on and in his throat, Steven’s doctors are able to pick up exactly what his vocal chords do during a concert and track the wear and tear put on them as a high performance singer.

Absolutely unbelievable – no wonder Steven had to undergo laser surgery to repair his voice! It really makes you appreciate all the work that he goes to to put on great shows for us and to record amazing music!

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